nexxworks introduces Eline Lostrie as new CCO October 15, 2020

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Eline Lostrie, who has been Customer Champion at nexxworks since 2018 will take over the function of CCO Matthias De Clercq, who moves on to become the new COO.

Eline Lostrie, who has a marketing engineering background, joined nexxworks in March 2018 as a Customer Champion and has since been one of the driving forces behind nexxworks’ business development and internationalization. Prior to joining nexxworks, she fulfilled several customer facing and marketing roles at BNP Paribas Fortis from the moment that she entered the company in 2011. It’s where she gathered the innovation and entrepreneurship experience as well as the network building capabilities that made her a perfect match for the nexxworks customers and their (dedicated) programs.

Now that nexxworks has been building a brand-new online learning community - of which customer experience program Mission CX is just the first program of many - as well as expanding its Collective of international keynote speakers, nexxworks’ management asked Eline to join the C-level ranks of the company. She will help expand our customer network and identify how our programs – both open and tailor-made – can keep answering to their changing needs. Eline will take over the role of Chief Customer Officer from Matthias De Clercq, who becomes the Chief Operating Officer. The switch will also allow nexxworks CEO Julie Vens – De Vos to increase her focus on nexxworks’ Day After Tomorrow Strategy. On top of these evolutions, the team is also planning to invest in two new profiles - sales and marketing oriented - to help support their strategy of expansion (job openings to appear soon on this website).

“I have always been a big believer in the unique way that nexxworks inspires its customers around the world on all things related to innovation”, explains Eline. “The possibilities of broadening this reach of our inspiration via our new subscription based programs - like Mission CX - are endless and I’m very excited to help facilitate this. As for the other pillar of nexxworks, our personalized offering: the future of customer experience is deeply personal and I will keep investing in ways to tailor our programs to the needs of individual companies. I’m truly honoured to assist Julie and Matthias in building our Day After Tomorrow.”

“Eline and her deep insight of customer needs have always been a powerful asset for nexxworks and so we’re very happy to be able to take our collaboration to the next level”, adds CEO Julie. “Her unbounded energy as well as program and customer experience are of priceless value to us”, adds Matthias. “I feel thankful to be able to hand the reins over to her so that I will be able to further concentrate on the human resources and operations of our company, which play an essential role in offering our customers what they want.”

Find out more about nexxworks’ virtual customer experience program Mission CX - that starts on November 20 with a session with Brian Solis and Daniel Yaffe (Anyroad) - here.

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