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Innovation speakers

Need a spark to transform your company? With their eye-opening stories of digital disruption, extreme customer centricity and organizational innovation, our thought-leaders will shift your perspective.

Meet our inspirators!

Rik Vera
Rik Vera

Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker, acclaimed  read more

  • Managers The Day After Tomorrow
  • Extreme Customer Centricity In A Networked World
  • Prepare For An Artificially Intelligent Future
Peter Hinssen
Peter Hinssen

Peter is a serial entrepreneur, Forbes contributor read more

  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • The Network Always Wins
  • The New Normal
Steven Van Belleghem

Steven is an expert in customer focus in a digital world and in how our customers will behave in the Day After Tomorrow. He is a popular speaker at home and abroad. In his keynote...

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  • Customers The Day After Tomorrow
  • When Digital Becomes Human
Nancy Rademaker 3
Nancy Rademaker

With over 20 years of experience in IT and training, Nancy has always and above all passionately focused upon people: how technology influences their behaviour, how it helps them...

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  • Extreme Customer Centricity In A Networked World
  • Managers The Day After Tomorrow
Dsc 6152 Crop
Pascal Coppens

Pascal Coppens is the expert in all things innovation and Day After Tomorrow in China, rooted in his deep understanding of the country as a sinologist. He is an entrepreneur at...

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  • China's New Normal
  • ​ A smarter China with A.I.

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