Philipp Kristian Diekhöner

Philipp is a trust futurist, innovation strategist, TEDx speaker and author of The Trust Economy. He works with Fortune 500s, C-Suites and technology disruptors on building a brighter digital future. Leaving the corporate world mid-2018 his work as a global keynote speaker, advisor and writer has taken him to 30+ countries and across a dozen sectors. Philipp is an alumnus of the d-school and was named a St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow (2015), KAIROS Fellow (2016) and World Economic Forum Global Shaper (2018). He teaches a hallmark Executive

Education Course on Transformation & Corporate Innovation at one of Asia's top business schools. 

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Exponential Empowerment: The Future of Work and Leadership in the Trust Economy

Today, trust ranks as the most important characteristic of the best workplaces, executives and teams. Magnetising teams to work as one and get more done is the order of the day. But approaches to trust vary wildly. While Gen X and Baby-boomers expect trust to be earned, Millennials and Gen Z seek to be trusted upfront. 

This keynote deep dives into the crucial role of trust in transforming workplaces for the future.
Philipp will let us discover a practical roadmap for reinvention to help us to work as one and to get more done.

During his talk, Philipp will address 7 paradigm shifts that define the future of work and need to be prioritised in creating future workplaces. Philipp will illustrate that we need to completely rethink people and structures to unlock the next level of productivity and culture., and that high-trust is a core characteristic and success factor of high-performing teams and future-ready workplaces. 

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Transformational Trust: Technology and Data in the Day After Tomorrow

Distrust is the disease of the 21st century. Contracts, parking gantries, locks, security checks and lengthy privacy policies are just the tip of the iceberg. But excessive rules and distrust cause friction, waste time and money and paralyse progress. Technology may have the answer. Digital platforms are making us trust easier and faster than ever before, and the upside is huge. 

This keynote looks at global macrotrends and how the transformation of trust is shaping our future. It’ll show how to make trust our advantage to survive and thrive in these turbulent times. 

Phillipp will talk about designing and managing for trust, as the new imperative for success in the digital age. Because – as technology is transforming who, what and how we trust – our trust-building approach needs to evolve: Philipp will talk about turning distrust-first into trust- first environments as the foundation for an exponential economy. 

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Intuitive Innovation: Innovation and Creativity in the Trust Economy

Innovation is often attributed to technology, when in fact it’s the result of a skill we are all born with: Creativity. Children exhibit it in spades, but as adults we often lose touch with it. How do we reconnect with our inner genius? Harnessing our creativity in business will make us more trusted and competent. Creativity gives us power to define the future. 

In this keynote, Philipp takes us on an intuitive and fun journey to our mind’s dormant talents. It’s about upgrading our capabilities and champion the change we care about. It’s about discovering how our inner creativity allows us to build trust in new ideas, create innovation and define the future.

Philipp speaks of creative confidence to help us turn our ideas into reality and counteract stagnation and the status quo bias. We learn that innovation stems from creative problem solving, with technology as the enabler – not the other way around. 

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