Philipp Kristian

Philipp Kristian is a global innovation and trust pioneer, change futurist and author of RESET and The Trust Economy. Philipp has driven innovation for Fortune 500s in APAC. He’s helped the CEOs of Singapore’s most successful startups reshape entire industries. His executive education masterclasses for a top Asian business school stand out with rave reviews. He’s a voice of change for digital Generations Y and Z.

Philipp encourages us to trust ourselves, and to trust others. When we do we collaborate, innovate and change for good. He is an innovation strategist at work, change evangelist on stage and eloquent rebel on the page. Philipp makes each keynote a bespoke, thoroughly researched experience. He loves inspiring transformation in over a dozen sectors on five continents.

Philipp has attracted the attention of media outlets including Business Insider, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Esquire, Haymarket, Forbes, Economic Times, Springer and BrandEins. He was made a St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow (2015), Kairos Society Global Fellow (2016) and World Economic Forum Global Shaper (2018). In his free time, he is an avid yogi, sailor and matcha enthusiast.

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"‘Your presentation caused a real mind shift for many as we all contemplate and plan for our Vision 2030. Your message set the tone for the conference, and we received fantastic reviews of your performance from everyone!’"

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Andy Searle Chief Executive Officer Business Process Enabling South Africa



· Introduction to the trust economy and a global digital trust revolution (based on The Trust Economy book by Philipp Kristian)

· Navigating intergenerational leadership dynamics

· New normal, future of work and digital leadership

· Operationalising organisational purpose and ESG for good

· Values driven leadership and stakeholder management

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· A global reset (based on RESET book by Philipp Kristian)

· Trends, foresight and disruptive shifts from a human futurist lens

· Innovation, digital transformation and future value propositions

· Open data economy, data trust strategy and digital identity

· Nurturing start-up ecosystems and strategic digital partnerships

· Amplifying digital customer experience stickiness with behaviour design

· New customer insight generation and digital business design

· Digital by default, interface revolution and future value propositions

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· Translating agile transformation into everyday agility

· Redesigning organisational structures for the digital age

· Understanding change management and cultural transformation

· Sustaining innovation momentum with ongoing engagement

· Transforming corporate and board governance

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