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China’s upcoming leadership in global innovation is moving forward with astonishing speed. While the world is seeking to adapt to a New Normal,  China’s New Normal has been a reality since 2013. If we want to understand how to deal with a world of increasing unpredictability, we can learn much from how Chinese organizations, brands and entrepreneurs have learned to reinvent themselves. 

 Pascal Coppens is the expert in all things innovation and Day After Tomorrow in China, rooted in his deep understanding of the country as a sinologist. He is an entrepreneur at heart with more than 20 years of experience in China and Silicon Valley. Pascal has employed, partnered and competed with hundreds of Chinese innovators. Currently, he is an inspiring international keynote speaker,partner at nexxworks and author of the book China's New Normal, which offers sensational insights into business and technology in China and their potential for the rest of the world. Pascal's candid presentations with real-life examples will be eye-opening, create food-for-thought and uncover patterns for you to turn the Chinese innovation train into an opportunity for your business.

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Pascal’s first-hand business experience, extensive Chinese network and flawless understanding of the customer mind, help his audiences to truly understand what is happening in this new frontier of innovation and disruption, how it will impact us and what we can learn from it. To prepare for our Day After Tomorrow, our Never Normal, Pascal tells vivid stories on how Chinese companies learned to survive a world in constant change, and inspires us deeply with his memorable insights on how to act and change.

First and foremost, Pascal takes his audience on a journey into the immense new land of disruption: with eye-opening stories that go far beyond the usual suspects of the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent), into the realm of fast and furious innovators like Pingan, Meituan, Didi and a whole pack of exciting new start-ups and scale-ups. Pascal will introduce you to the real modern China, its impact to the rest of the world - moving from 'Made in China' to 'Created in China' - and its potential to your business.

Armed with a degree in Business Engineering from Solvay Business School he started his career with Alcatel in Shanghai, and – after an intense period in Silicon Valley at Wind River Systems and Polycore Software (which he co-founded) – he returned to China and later founded Letsface to build the first offline digital community platform for premium brands. To help technology companies scale their business into the Chinese market, he also co-created Sinnolabs in 2016: a Chinese growth accelerator for Innovative European SMEs.

Pascal wrote his first book China's New Normal, which offers sensational insights into business and technology in China and their potential for the rest of the world. 


China's New Normal

This keynote elaborates on how China is now ready to take on the challenge to become a global leader in innovation by 2030. 

Pascal will tell the story about

  • How China evolved from 'copy' to 'creator'
  • The strengths of China: Market, consumers, infrastructure, UX, Agility, Ecosystems
  • The strengths of the West: Technology & Research, Brands, Efficiency, Meaning
  • How the new world gravitates to the east and what it means for the future
  • Lessons from China to reinvent ourselves

Industry options:

  • New Retail, Media & Entertainment, Security, Mobility, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Food, Finance & Insurance, Education, Sustainability, Energy & Smart Cities

Disruption focus options:

  • AI, IoT and Blockchain
  • Digital China
  • Chinese Ecosystems
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Chinese consumer
  • Maker industry
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The two faces of innovation: insights from Silicon Valley & China

Silicon Valley and China’s tech ecosystem cities (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shanghai) are the fastest evolving innovation hubs in the world. But inspiration from pioneering startups, corporates and academics from these distant corners of the globe should not be an ‘either, or’ story. Each has its very own background, innovation DNA, culture, methods and strategies. Each has the potential to trigger you in ways you’d never thought possible. Book Peter Hinssen and Pascal Coppens for an eye-opening double keynote on the uniquely successful innovation approaches of Silicon Valley and China.

Pascal Coppens and Peter Hinssen will bring you on a holistic journey into the heart of technological, societal, individual and business (model) change. If you want to really understand the depth and complexity of innovation, and the potential of disruption: this 3-hour twin journey will change your perspective forever! The optional workshop with Pascal Coppens and Wim Rombaut will only make those insights stick even better.

Kickstart your innovation with an interactive workshop!

Combine the eye-opening inspiration of “The two face of innovation” keynote, with an interactive and triggering workshop by Pascal (inspiration) and Wim Rombaut (facilitation). It will help you:

  • become deeply aware WHY Silicon Valley and China’s transformation is so high paced and radical and WHAT that means for your positioning and business today
  • see the opportunities for your business to become more innovative and competitive
  • be able to integrate the know-how about China and Silicon Valley to your first steps tomorrow
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