nexxworks is looking for an all-round marketing wizard October 20, 2020


Does your (professional) life begin and end with the customer?

Does marketing strategy make your heart go “babadumbadum”?

Do you have an excellent feel for SEA, SEO and social advertising?

And are you able to think like an entrepreneur?

Then you might be the Marketing Enchanter (yes, we made that term up!) we are looking for!


Who are we hoping that you are? 

  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset. Yes, EVERYONE says that. But we mean it. Our ranks are filled with people who tend to “ask for forgiveness rather than for permission”. Not that we are rude. We are very polite. But we don’t wait around for others telling us what to do.
  • We are aware that we are looking for somewhat of a white raven, possibly even a sparkly magical unicorn. We do think that expertise is important, but also believe that your attitude towards learning and improving is of much greater value.
  • Now that the e-word has fallen: let’s talk expertise. Marketing automation, SEO, SEA, UX, mailings, socials, … If you start crying when you see or hear these, we may not be the best match (And that’s the polite version (See, we told you that we are polite!)). We are looking for someone who has ample experience in setting up, monitoring and improving any type of marketing campaign. 
  • If the word commercial scares you, you might want to walk away. Your function will entail thinking about how we can generate leads and helping us convert as much of them as possible. Having a commercial mindset doesn’t mean that you can’t be customer oriented, of course. Because we are! We love to inspire and charm our customers, existing and new ones. 
  • We aren’t looking for someone who only does fancy or cool stuff. You should be someone who always starts with the “Why?”. Why would this make people interested in nexxworks? Why would they need this? Why would we? Value always trumps Coolness. Except when you’re an ice cream vendor, of course, or if you sell fridges. In fact, there are many examples when both are equal. But not at nexxworks, you hear!
  • You are someone who brings the concept flexibility to a whole new level. Dynamism, creativity, experimenting and self-challenge are our second nature (Our first is politeness. Kidding! It’s (softly whispers) “connected innovation”.). And that is why agility is the key criteria that will help you blossom at nexxworks.
  • We have no marketing team. Sorry. You are the team. The good news is that you’ll be able to work independently. But we do expect you to collaborate closely with your sales and content team colleagues: they will provide you with the context, input & feedback you need to succeed in all the amazing things we’ll be doing together.
  • Are you still there? Cool, … AND also valuable! So let’s connect, but first, find out what we can offer you:

Join Mission CX!

What do we have to offer?

  • An attractive salary package including interesting fringe benefits such as a company car, a laptop, a smartphone, insurance package, meal vouchers
  • The chance to help develop one of the most promising brands in the innovation market and have an impact on its short-term and long-term strategy
  • The ability to develop your talents in an international and multicultural setting
  • An inspiring, fun and flexible working environment that lives on the edge of innovation and change
  • Inclusion in a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs and seasoned mentors 

If you never heard of us before: what, and who is nexxworks?

Nexxworks inspires and connects innovators all over the world. We help organizations kickstart their innovation – through our many open, tailor-made, live and virtual programs – by confronting them with the latest evolutions in business and technology and by encouraging them to combine a long-term vision with short-term initiatives. Our thought-leading community of innovation keynote speakers - Raya BidshahriPascal CoppensPhilipp Kristian DiekhönerPeter HinssenHeather E. McGowanJerry MichalskiNancy RademakerApril RinneSteven Van Belleghem and Rik Vera - is the beating heart of our network. 

Our customers are typically C-level or mid-management innovation-thirsty profiles from international companies, who are eager to uncover the exciting business possibilities that come with exponential change and (technology) disruption. To help and inspire them, we collaborate with a very diverse ecosystem of renowned thought-leaders, disruptive start-ups, C-level corporate pioneers, experts, academics, investors, consultants and highly innovative entrepreneurs.

Our kick-ass Ghent-based start-up team is an awesome combination of passionately young and highly experienced champions and now we are looking for someone to help us conquer the world … and possibly the universe (not necessarily in that order).

How can you reach out?

Please send a short clip in which you explain why we should meet and add your CV and a riveting motivational letter. The job will remain open until we find a suitable candidate, so don’t wait too long to apply.

We will contact you in the course of 2 weeks to give you feedback and possibly propose a date and place to meet and talk. 

May the network be with you! 

Want to learn more about the future of customer experience?

We have an online year-round program with online session with CX pioneers