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Nexxworks is looking for an Ace of Sales November 10, 2017


Do you feel Business Development is just a synonym for putting the customer first?

Do you have the creative mind-set of an entrepreneur?

Are you particularly attracted to fluid business environments? 

 (Are you humming a Motörhead hit right now and do you realize why?)

Then you might very well be the Head of Customer Activation we’re looking for!

Who are we and why should you join us?

Nexxworks is the company of thought-leaders Peter Hinssen, Steven Van Belleghem & Rik Vera. We inspire organizations to act on their Day After Tomorrow: we trigger their radical innovation potential by helping them experience the latest trends and insights in biz & tech with our Innovation ToursInnovation Bootcamps, new Innovation Platform nexxology and our Innovation Keynotes.

Our customers are typically C-level or mid-management innovation-thirsty profiles from large local and international companies, who are eager to uncover the exciting business possibilities that come with exponential change and (technology) disruption. To help and inspire them, we collaborate with a very diverse ecosystem of thought-leaders, disruptive start-ups, C-level corporate pioneers, experts, academics, investors, consultants and highly innovative entrepreneurs. In other words, we have a strong and extensive network which we are hoping you would help us further develop.

Our kick-ass Ghent-based start-up team - an awesome combination of passionately young and highly experienced champions - grew organically with 75% over the last 1,5 years and now we are looking for someone to help us conquer the Benelux, the world … and possibly the universe (not necessarily in that order).

We were hoping that would be YOU!

Could YOU be the person who helps us grow our network? These would be some of your tasks:

  • Developing and implementing a commercial strategy in Belgium & The Netherlands, in close collaboration with the CEO & CMO
  • Chasing new opportunities and crossing borders towards new markets
  • Managing the sales budget with a keen eye for commercial results
  • Enchanting the current customers by turning them into partners and champions
  • Expanding the customer portfolio by inspiring companies about the need for Day After Tomorrow thinking
  • Making sure that nexxworks becomes an acknowledged premium innovation brand
  • Fostering and coaching of the sales mindset of our entire team

Who are we hoping that you are?

  • You are someone who puts the customer first. Always.
  • You’re a natural networker and a master negotiator
  • Yet you strive for impact, not “sales”
  • You have leadership skills but are not afraid to get your hands dirty, start-up style
  • You thrive when you’re collaborating closely with a team
  • You feel that targets are there to be exceeded
  • You have the heart of an entrepreneur and love to build and experiment
  • You’re always hungry to know, see and experience
  • You keep questioning the status quo, especially what nexxworks does and how it does it
  • You’re an expert communicator and you can listen - really listen - to what people are saying
  • You’re able to translate a long-term customer-centric and commercial vision to flexible short-term plans
  • Having a digital savvy mindset and a hunger for the latest tech evolutions is a definite surplus
  • You thrive in a fluid start-up environment
  • You have a Masters or Bachelor’s Degree or enough experience to make us forget that you don’t
  • You have a minimum of 5 years of commercial B2B experience
  • You have a driver’s licence (Yes, we know … but for now we still need to drive our own cars) and you do not have aviophobia
  • You have an excellent knowledge of Dutch, English and French

Last, but absolutely not least, … what do we have to offer?

  • An attractive salary package including interesting fringe benefits such as a company car, a laptop, a smartphone, insurance package, meal vouchers
  • The chance to help develop one of the most promising brands in the innovation market and have an impact on its short-term and long-term strategy
  • An inspiring, fun and flexible working environment that lives on the edge of innovation and change
  • Inclusion in a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs and seasoned mentors 
  • The option to become a nexxworks Partner after a solid track record of business development, personal investment and loyalty

This (almost) scientific profiling quiz might help you find out if you’re the missing piece in the nexxworks puzzle:

When does the network win?

A. Never
B. The Day After Tomorrow
C. Every Saturday at 17.15 if the weather is fine
D. Always!

Where do we put the customer?

A. First, and in the centre of the company
B. On the third shelve of the kitchen cabinet between the quinoa and the guacamole
C. Wherever (s)he effing wants!
D. Hey Allen! Allen! Allen! Al!

Who or what is Elon Musk?

A. Didn’t he used to date Johnny Depp’s ex-wife?
B. By golly, it is the true name of Iron Man!
C. A strikingly fragrant guy called Elon 
D. Just someone who is reinventing mobility, thinking and organizing

Which job is most likely to survive the coming of the Mighty AI Apocalypse?

A. Law Expert
B. I have no time for this sh*t. I’m busy pledging allegiance to our robot overlords. 
C. Driver of any type of vehicle
D. This question is so 2016 it brings tears to my eyes.

(Sorry, we’re not the type to give the ‘right’ answers so you can compare them, but we’re willing to debate about them when we meet.)

How can you reach out?

If you made it this far and actually listened to the entire ‘Hey Allen’ clip, it means that this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

So, please send a short clip in which you explain why we should meet and add your CV and a riveting motivational letter. The job will remain open until we find a suitable candidate, so don’t wait too long to apply.

We will contact you in the course of 2 weeks to give you feedback and possibly propose a date and place to meet and talk. 

There might be tests. So, please come prepared.

May the network be with you! Today, tomorrow, the Day After Tomorrow and until the robot apocalypse may (or may not) strike.