Weekend inspiration from the nexxworks thought-leaders on dealing with these trying times March 27, 2020

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We gathered the COVID-19 crisis related content of some of our thought leaders as your weekend inspiration: find out more about leading in uncertain times, what we can learn from China about dealing with the pandemic and how some worldwide companies are helping their customers out:

Peter Hinssen

Tech and innovation speaker Peter Hinssen shares a keynote about 'The Never Normal' and how to thrive in highly unstable and uncertain times:

April Rinne

New economy and future of work expert April Rinne explains how we can learn to navigate our uncertain future:

Steven Van Belleghem

Customer experience speaker Steven Van Belleghem offers positive stories about companies that are battling the COVID-19 crisis by trying to help society and their customers:

Pascal Coppens

China innovation speaker Pascal Coppens explains how China used technology to deal with the crisis and turn it into an opportunity:

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