10 essential Customer Experience insights by Steven Van Belleghem October 8, 2020

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As the launch of our live virtual customer experience program Mission CX is approaching, we wanted to share a clip with our Mission CX tour guide Steven Van Belleghem's 10 top tips about CX.

In this clip, Mission CX speaker and moderator Steven explains the 10 most important insights and actions points for those of us who want to give their customers an “offer you can’t refuse”.

  1. You need to scale the human touch
  2. The future of e-commerce will be both faster and slower
  3. Happy employees beget happy customers
  4. It's a hybrid world - every interaction will have a digital component to it
  5. Digital convenience is the new commodity
  6. The Interface of the future is invisible, personalized, zero effort and proactive
  7. You need to get a continuous customer feedback flow
  8. Turn the hierarchy around
  9. Discover your customers' behavioral patterns
  10. Just fix it if something goes wrong instead of obsessing over whose fault it is (yours or the customer)

Get the full story in Steven’s mini customer experience crash course here:

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