What does the future hold for you? France Van Nieuwenborgh - February 9, 2021

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How do you cultivate an innovation mindset, shape your abilities to react to change or deal with ambiguity? How to persevere in never settling for the status-quo? Learn how to spot innovation triggers and trends, master how to act upon your Day After Tomorrow and develop new ways of thinking.

Nancy Rademaker invited 2 panellists to her digital table: 

Shannon Lucas: As part of the Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Lab, or CHILL, Shannon Lucas leverages her extensive experience in collaborative innovation, bringing together giants of industry to develop new businesses and markets. 

Laetitia Vitaud: Laetitia Vitaud is a writer and speaker about the future of work and consumption. 

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France Van Nieuwenborgh

France is working at nexxworks as an Innovation Program Manager since June 2018. She gets extremely excited from hearing stories of passionate people that are thriving innovation...