Mission IX: Unleash your inner innovation expert

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Are you passionate and entrepreneurial about the future? Are you looking to cultivate an innovation mindset, or shape your abilities to react to change and deal with ambiguity? 

Mission IX will bring out the futurist in you! 

What is Mission IX? 

In short, you'll join a network of peers and be inspired on a monthly basis by live digital sessions with world-class speakers and content.

What can you expect?

  • Moderation by experts like Raya Bidshahri
  • Talks with thought leaders as well as company cases
  • Ongoing inspiration to shape your future self all year-round

What topics will be tackled?

Topics for Mission IX may include but are not limited to:

Strategic decision-making in uncertainty
Cultivating an innovation mindset
How to identify the right trends
Grasping emerging technologies
Changing customer expectations
Taking up a leadership role
Keep an eye on the world, understanding the global context
Network mapping and building out an innovation network

Become a member of Mission IX if you are looking to:

  • Become a catalyst for change
  • Get your hands dirty and learn how to uncover your next (strategic) move
  • Reinvent yourself

When will Mission IX start?

We're aiming to launch as soon as possible. Want to stay informed? Fill in the form below!

"Massive corporations are becoming so bureaucratic that they struggle to do something really radical and innovative."

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Raya Bidshahri Membership program moderator, serial entrepreneur and author