Three ways to reach the next level of Customer Experience Pascal Coppens - April 13, 2021

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A free e-book by China keynote speaker and author Pascal Coppens, filled with practical tips and examples.

The primary goal of any Chinese brand has always been to gain the trust of the customer. Building a brand image always came second. It ones who stood for high quality and a decent customer service. 

The lack of trust in merchants created the boom of China’s e-commerce platforms as they increased the customer trust with safer payments, return policies, ratings, reviews, effective delivery and integration of social media to receive friends’ or trustees’ opinions.

This buyer mistrust that exists in China, has made its commerce the most digitized, mobile-friendly, automated, integrated and convenient marketplace in the world. The result: while Western brands are now implementing processes and strategies to help customers through the global crisis, Chinese brands are now playing at the next level of customer experience

The COVID-19 crisis in fact helped Chinese brands to build on top of an existing culture of innovation, digital-savviness and customer-centricity to make every customer ‘a partner for life’ – to use the words of my nexxworks business Partner and CX expert Steven Van Belleghem

Read Pascal Coppens' new e-book to learn how Chinese companies are reaching the next level of customer experience by focusing on these 3 distinct customer-centric Rs:

  • Relevance,
  • Reliability
  • Relationship
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CX e-book: 3 ways to reach the next level of Customer Experience

Check out Pascal Coppens' new e-book about how Chinese companies gain the trust of their customers by focusing on the 3 Rs.

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