PODCAST: Peter Hinssen interviews Future of Work strategist Heather E. McGowan May 28, 2019

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Nexxworks Founder, innovation thought leader, keynote speaker and author Peter Hinssen had an insightful conversation with Future of Work strategist Heather E. McGowan about reskilling employess, work identity, leadership in an uncertain and complex environment and redesigning education.

We are very, very, very (yes, that is a lot...) excited to launch our brand-new podcast channel 'nexxworks Innovation Talks' (Read the full post about the launch here) with a very first interview with one of the most prominent Future of Work speakers in the world: Heather E. McGowan.

Recognized as the 2017 #1 global voice for Education on LinkedIn media network, Heather is an internationally known speaker, writer, and advisor. She provides keynotes for organizations all over the world and provides bespoke consulting to help organizations adapt to the 4th industrial revolution. Her think tank is called Work to Learn because McGowan believes that in the 3rd industrial revolution we learned in order to work and now, in the fourth industrial revolution, we will work in order to learn (continuously). That's why she believes that the future of work is learning.

Nexxworks Founder Peter Hinssen talked to her about reskilling employees, work identity, leading in an uncertain and complex environment and the need to redesign education. Listen to the episode below, or follow the nexxworks podcast channel on Spotify or on iTunes:

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