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Happy customers

"When coming back from my first Innovation Tour, I felt the need to share my impressions and thoughts with my leadership team, and realized that going through the Silicon Valley experience together was key to build-up the momentum it created for me. That’s why I returned with my leadership and top 150 of Proximus to Silicon Valley or other European innovation hubs like Berlin, London and Dublin. I believe these trips have been game-changers in the way we look at innovation at Proximus and how we can accelerate the transformation of our company towards providing digital services."

Dominique Leroy Proximus Group 1
Dominique Leroy CEO Proximus

"The entire trip to China was an emotional rollercoaster but it ended with a “hell yeah, let’s do this"."

Celine Website 21
Céline Malyster Communication & Branding Manager Callexcell

"I would like to thank Pascal Coppens for his participation as a speaker to the International business Coaches Meeting earlier this week. His amazing presentation has been very much appreciated!"

Maria Collura
Maria Collura Senior Country Advisor BNP Paribas Fortis

"I was told beforehand that Pascal Coppens would give me food for thought with his presentation, but he certainly did more than that. He compared China to Silicon Valley in a way that was both fascinating and eye-opening. And Pascal’s expertise and passion for the subject made his story all the more interesting. I ended up inviting him back for an event of my own and I was pleased to see that the audience had the exact same reaction to his presentation as I had. Pascal’s presentation is definitely worth hearing more than once."

Roel Vanmaele
Roel Vanmaele Managing Director Ahlers Western Europe

"nexxworks is an excellent vaccine to avoid mental corruption."

Rudy Moenaert
Rudy Moenaert Professor Strategic Marketing TIAS

"It was extremely fascinating! We got an “oh, we’re screwed” moment and got a great insight into the current state of affairs with regards to autonomous cars. I loved the discussion on who the speakers thought their customers would be in the future, who will own the fleets ? Would it be the OEM’s, the Amazons or even a new player?"

Patrick Vanbrabandt CEO Carya Group

"A program that rushed me with an insane pace through a lot of content was perfectly balanced with the tour leaders wrap-ups. We got the slides and summary blogposts extremely fast which made it very useful to get to action right after the program. Expect a lot of content with a very professional execution."

Stijn Van Avermaet
Stijn Van Avermaet Marketing Manager Van Hoecke NV

"I am extremely grateful that I could join the Future of Shopping tour experience and also host the group at Google MTV and YouTube. The level of execution and content really impressed me. nexxworks is a great partner to strengthen Belgium’s digital mindset."

Lionel Soccal
Lionel Soccal Industry Manager Google

"Nancy Rademaker delivered a great keynote to open our design event with the top 200 senior partners in EMEIA to explore digital disruption of professional services. Nancy’s speech was a great balance of insight, provocation and humour to make the leadership team think about how our strategy needed to adapt for the Day After Tomorrow with the dramatic shifts she shared around changes in how relationships are built and sustained. "

Andy Baldwin
Andy Baldwin Area Managing Partner EMEIA EY

"Nancy Rademaker gave an eye-opening and highly inspirational lecture at our Science and Innovation Summit 2017. Taking an audience of almost 500 people on a humoristic but breath-taking journey through examples of digital revolutions in our private life sector, she created a great spin into today’s traditional set up of large cooperations and the need for a radical change in mindset of how we look at our customers. She created a clear vision of a networked world that results in an increasingly unified set of experiences and expectations on an individual level and matching them through the understanding and implementation of cutting edge digital technologies will be key to reach an impactful customer centric organization."

Maik Kindermann Picture
Maik Kindermann Innovation Project Director DSM

"nexxworks opened my eyes on the fast evolving world and gave me an extra network of entrepreneurs willing to adapt their organization in order to compete. "

Marc Coppens
Marc Coppens CEO & Partner Yuki

"The nexxworks Innovation Bootcamp was a really great experience. I was impressed and excited by all the keynote speeches and the insights they gave me. It made me feel invigorated and I’m ready to go out there and spread the message inside our company, so we can fire up the change even further."

Yoeri B W1
Yoeri Paesschesoone Business Center Director Bruges ING

"The Ignition Bootcamp was an amazing experience. It opens your eyes to the world of today and tomorrow and you'll hear fascinating case studies and interesting guest speakers! With a backpack full of inspiration, I returned to UNILIN."

Anja Vandendriessche B W1
Anja Vandendriessche Marketing Manager Western-Europe UNILIN

"nexxworks helped Microsoft Netherlands to position the Customer Engagement solutions towards the ‘new’ business decision makers. The nexxworks change agents and thought leaders offered us valuable insights into the most disruptive trends in 7 different markets and assisted us with the creation of pragmatic conversation starters. Our collaboration was as inspiring as it was professional and felt like a real partnership. "

Michiel Hoogenboom Microsoft Business Development and Marketing Lead Business Solutions

"We were looking for strategic and front running advice and coaching for our customer centricity ambitions and sales approach. Most of the time we end up teaching our consultants, but this was a direct hit. A human interface with a bright view on the future. Rik Vera grasped our roots and took us to the "nexxt" level in a few weeks."

Nicolas Bearelle1
Nicolas Bearelle CEO Re-Vive

"After 5 days of Bootcamp, I felt as if my brain has been rewired; reprogrammed even. It was a unique and intense experience that was not “just” about great insights into technology, innovation and the changed customer behaviour: I also had the pleasure to learn and grow together with a wonderful group of fellow ‘bootcampers’ who provided me with fresh perspectives into other industries."

Antoon B W1
Antoon Beyst Deputy Operations Officer Dredging International (member of the DEME Group)

"I was truly inspired by nexxworks’ Innovation Bootcamp: as much by the passion of the speakers and the content they provided as by the real-life examples they provided us. What opened my eyes the most is realizing how the speed of change has accelerated and how many opportunities come along with that. Above all, this gave me a lot of energy. I can’t wait to be part of that change."

Chrissy Donsbach B W1
Chrissy Donsbach Process improvement manager Vanderlande Industries

"My participation in the nexxworks Innovation Tour really confronted me with the ever increasing speed of change. I loved the “fail fast and start over” mentality of the start-ups we visited over there and I took back their pioneering and passionate spirit with me to my company. It has been a great help to help us innovate in our industry, which is quite a traditional one."

Joost Callens1
Joost Callens Durabrik CEO

"Our goal was to adapt our services to a world dominated by digitization, glocalization and disintermediation. The presentation of Nancy Rademaker was a fun wake-up call and the workshops with Annick Vandezande challenged us to look at our business model in a critical manner so we could come up with new answers. The drawings of Axelle Vanquaillie will permanently remind us of this two-day off-site meeting, allowing the impact of the nexxworks effort to act as a constant source of inspiration."

8 Wcc Wouter Van Gulck Photo 1104131
Wouter Van Gulck General Manager DigiChambers

"My expectations were rock high but there hasn't been one moment that the Day After Tomorrow Tour in San Francisco disappointed me. It's a great week to trigger the so-called lazy brain, the frontal cortex receives unstoppable content impulses, not only via the companies & speakers we meet, but also through the great experiences you share with the other participants & the excellent moderation of Peter & Steven. I was told by a friend that this would change my life & it frankly is doing so. I'm looking for a new entrepreneurial challenge & this broad perspective on the world is ideal to put things in perspective. I have to make decisions, go fast, so I subscribed to join the China tour as well ;-). It's up to me & each of us now to activate what we've seen & figure out how to answer the fast approaching needs that this fascinating world is igniting. "

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Lode Vandenbossche

"Peter Hinssen provides a thought-provoking, long-term view on the unrelenting pace of change of technology and outlines the imminent opportunities and threats for those businesses that choose to embrace or ignore it."

Dat Garry Lyons 9A92A13E7A26717Cdb0C543833C0Cbc61
Garry Lyons Chief Innovation Officer MasterCard

"How to bring a vital and serious business topic to 200 people? How to motivate and engage with Salespeople, Technicians, Finance and HR People about new technologies and the need for change and evolution? How to bring the strategic topic – Customer centricity – to an audience in one hour? The answer is quite simple: involve Nancy Rademaker during your Team Meeting and you will create a great and positive experience for all of them. The feedback is unanimous: great presenter with serious background…"

Aaeaaqaaaaaaaar Iaaaajgfl Ytiy Mm Qw Ltky Yj It Ngm4 My1I Ndc4 Ltvj Zj Fl Otbj Ztvj Yg1
Hugues Van Espen Managing Director Toyota Material Handling Belgium NV

"We invited Nancy Rademaker to speak at our management offsite in Amsterdam. Her session was informative, engaging, funny and a call-to-action that we were looking for. Her ability to describe the profound changes that Digital technologies are having on our lives and what could potentially be in store for us was something that held everyone’s attention throughout the session. Nancy’s was the highest rated session of the 2 day management event which speaks for itself."

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Faisal Husain CEO Synechron

"Nancy Rademaker’s keynote at our annual networking event for a wide variety of our company contacts – HR people, internship coaches, and various specialists – was the perfect ice breaker, and got everyone on topic, and conversing freely. She expertly introduced us to the challenges of the future, offering insights and practical pointers, and did so in a most entertaining way."

Jan Schelstraete University-College Ghent Dean FBO

"We approached nexxworks to speak at our annual MBA alumni New Year’s Event. In view of major developments in business and society that increasingly call for innovative solutions and agility, we wanted to provide them with new insights. Nexxworks Partner Nancy Rademaker’s presentation was so impactful! She provided insights into today’s changing world, and triggered all of us to consider how we can thrive in the fast pace of disruption. Nexxworks is leading in this field, and clearly able to support companies in taking future next steps."

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Gretchen van der Spek Director Alumni Relations, Head of Career Development TIAS School for Business and Society

"Nancy Rademaker gave an enthralling presentation on how technology is driving new and different customer behaviors. With captivating graphics and a great sense of humour, she inspired the audience to redefine how we think and interact with customers in this brave new world. If you’re looking to inject your organization with a start-up mentality, get Nancy and the exciting Nexxworks team involved!"

Jean-Jacques Vossen CEO Mavim

"Rik Vera’s keynote was an overall success. Both our Private and Business bankers where confronted with a future that has all ready started yesterday. The way we will have to adapt to a new customer centricity was an eye-opener for many of us and surely made us realise it’s time to act. The best way to make your point is in an entertaining way with great metaphors and lots of humour and I can assure you that’s what Rik Vera stands for."

Dirk Huysmans Senior Private Banking Expert Belfius Bank

"Rik Vera held the opening keynote at Telia's annual CIO-event for our largest B2B customers in Sweden. Rik’s focus on how networks will be the enabler for taking business to the next level and the way he highlighted how customer-centricity will define companies’ future success really captivated the audience."

Petra Björkeson Marketing Manager Telia Sverige

"Rik Vera delivered a high energy and entertaining keynote at our senior management forum in Tallinn. He managed to unnerve the group, showing what customer centricity really is about – in a way challenging the very essence of retail banking. He successfully created urgency for our management teams to act on the future, and at the same provided the tools to do it as well as the assurance that it is doable."

2009 09 Tt 10 Bi Mikael Bjorknert 300X200
Mikael Björknert Head Of Strategic Analysis And M&A Swedbank

"As a Global Director Digital Innovation, I am used to focus upon developments in technology. I pride myself in knowing a lot about that, so I was not expecting to hear many new things at the nexxworks Innovation Bootcamp. But I did. It changed my perspective. Digital is becoming human. It is not about digital transformation, but about human transformation. THAT is the actual innovation. THAT is what is changing the world. But above all, THAT is what our customers are expecting and what I am going to focus on from now on. My first step will be to check all our running projects for the human touch: are they actually making the lives of our employees better and are they giving them more time to focus on the customer?"

Mark 90 90Gray C11

"I’ve participated in two nexxworks Innovation tours and I can still feel their impact until this day, even though the first one dated from about 2 years ago. Most of all, it’s the passionate drive and high-speed mentality of the companies we visited that stays with me. Even now, they keep inspiring me."

Luc Van Mol 90 90Gray C11
Luc Van Mol CEO ZEB

"For me, the innovation tour was a truly riveting and eye-opening WOW-experience, where I met many entrepreneurs with great ambitions and dreams. Above all, it opened my eyes to the new technologies that will have a tremendous impact on how we will manage our companies and treat our customers. I learned that you need to let go of the past to let the future - and all its opportunities - in."

Ann And Bart Claes Smallpng 90 90Gray C11
Ann Claes Owner JBC

"In Europe we tend to look at digitalization as being a problem and are talking about privacy or legal issues. When you go over there (USA) they just see opportunities everywhere."

Content Thierry Geerts1
Thierry Geerts CEO Google Belgium

"In an ever more connected and fast evolving world Rik Vera provides a provocative view of how changes in organisations, markets and society will shape our future – and the things we may need to do to ‘survive’ the flip."

Rob Goffee Emeritus Professor Organisational Behaviour London Business School

"Mazda Motor Belux owes part of its recent growth to Rik Vera and nexxworks. We tried to get rid of the “Shit of Yesterday” and really put the customer in the centre of our strategy. By building cars that are a pleasure to drive and at the same time are – well-to-wheel - amongst the most ecological of the car industry. And also by offering a unique, surprising, personal and frictionless experience in each contact with our company and our car dealers so that we can make a real connection each time. Thanks, Rik!"

Matthias Sileghem
Matthias Sileghem Managing Director Mazda Motor Belux

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