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Happy Customers

We like sharing but we are at our best when we are sharing happiness.

Happy customers

"When coming back from my first Innovation Tour, I felt the need to share my impressions and thoughts with my leadership team, and realized that going through the Silicon Valley experience together was key to build-up the momentum it created for me. That’s why I returned with my leadership and top 150 of Proximus to Silicon Valley or other European innovation hubs like Berlin, London and Dublin. I believe these trips have been game-changers in the way we look at innovation at Proximus and how we can accelerate the transformation of our company towards providing digital services."

Dominique Leroy Proximus Group 1
Dominique Leroy CEO Proximus

"The entire trip to China was an emotional rollercoaster but it ended with a “hell yeah, let’s do this"."

Celine Website 21
Céline Malyster Communication & Branding Manager Callexcell

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