WEBINAR: Resilience in uncertain times Julie Vens - De Vos - May 5, 2020

Webinar Resilience

This webinar was hosted by nexxworks in April 2020. We talked about resilience in uncertain times and how to navigate in the future of work and learning. We hope these sessions can inspire you!

It has 3 episodes:

  • April Rinne - Reflections about the necessity of a what you call a -flux- mindset to thrive in today’s world.  
  • Heather McGowan - How success in the future of work centers on our ability to learn, unlearn and adapt.  
  • Adam Leonard - Cultivating psychological safety in crisis and beyond.

Webinar: Resilience in uncertain times

Enjoy watching the video

Watch the webinar series here!
Julie Vens - De Vos

Julie is CEO and partner at nexxworks since 2018. As a natural communicator with 5 years of experience in a corporate FMCG environment, she understands how organisations not only...

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