WEBINAR: Customer Experience Under Pressure Nina  Vermaesen - June 18, 2020

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This nexxworks Webinar Series was hosted in May 2020. Moderated by Steven Van Belleghem, we had conversations on customer experience, how it is/was under pressure and how to tackle it successfully in a rather unique and uncertain year. 

This series consisted of 3 consecutive episodes:

  • With CX-expert Annette Franz on "Doubling down on customer centricity, and what the future of Customer Experience might look like" 
  • With investor and former CEO Duco Sickinghe on "Customer experience strategy and how to translate it to communication"
  • With technologists Sean Moffitt & Jeremiah Owyang on "The future of technology in relation to customer experience"

WEBINAR: Customer Experience Under Pressure

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Watch the webinar series here!
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Nina  Vermaesen

Nina is an Innovation Program Manager, always on the lookout for future-forward content and inspiring speakers. With a background in strategy and advertising, she understands that...

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