Want to deliver awesome pitches? Do these two things. Laurence Van Elegem - May 25, 2021

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Our Innovation Bootcamp tip of the month by Christoph Sollich

The Pitch Doctor, Christoph Sollich, has helped more than 2.000 startups and corporate intrapreneurs improve their pitches. He is a mentor and coach for dozens of accelerators, incubators and corporate venture labs, with customers like Plug+Play, TechFounders, Deutsche Telekom,, Youtube, Daimler, VW, Roland Berger, ING, Deutsche Bahn etc.

Christoph is also one of the top speakers at our next Kickstart Innovation Bootcamp in October 2021. So what better way to introduce him than to feature his advice about pitching?

Here are two of his top tips, though you’ll learn many more at the bootcamp, of course.

1. Do your research

You wouldn’t show up at a job interview without any insights in the company, so why would you pitch for an investor you know nothing about? And yet, according to Christoph, that’s a common mistake founders make. “Check the investors’ social media, their website, interviews they’ve given and anything that can help you understand what they're exactly looking for. Find out if anyone in your network is connected with them and if they can offer you more insights. Look for the companies they have invested in in the past and what their vision of the future is.” The more you understand them, the bigger your chances of hooking them.

2. Make it personal and aim for the heart

Founders often think that investors are only interested in huge financial projections when it comes to pitching. According to Sollich, they are just as concerned about the people behind the idea: “tell them why you are the one that will drive the success of this solution, at this time”. It’s never only about the idea or about financial gain, it really is a combination of personal and of professional aspects. “You’re selling yourself as much as you’re selling your start-up. That’ why I don’t believe in strict ‘rules’ like “don’t put your hands in your pockets” during pitches. Just act natural. And show your passion. Aim for their heart, not their brain. Investors will only start caring if they have an emotional reaction to the pitch. Only when that happens, they will use their brain.”

Want more tips from Pitch Doctor Christoph Sollich? Join our Kickstart Innovation Bootcamp in October!

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