PODCAST: Radar - by nexxworks September 2021 September 9, 2021

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Once a month Radar podcast host Steven Van Belleghem and his nexxworks friends Peter Hinssen, Pascal Coppens, Julie Vens - De Vos and Laurence Van Elegem bring you the latest developments in business, tech & everything related to innovation.

It feels great to be back after the summer holidays, with a brand new Radar - by nexxworks episode featuring so much exciting news from the realms of innovation. We talked about Elon Musk’s humanoid robot, the 600 million dollar Poly Network hack, how Amazon is now bigger than Walmart, the technology crackdown from Beijing, the US (IBM) and Japan working together on quantum computing to counter China's masterplan in the matter, NFTs, back to the office madness, rules and systems regarding vaccinations and Facebook’s metaverse for work, Horizon Workrooms.

Just for reference, here is the full Tesla Bot representation, including the weird spandex robot dance Peter Hinssen referred to:

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