PODCAST: Radar - by nexxworks May 2021 June 1, 2021

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Once a month Radar podcast host Steven Van Belleghem and his nexxworks friends Peter Hinssen, Pascal Coppens, Julie Vens - De Vos, Laurence Van Elegem and Joren Lemiegre bring you the latest developments in business, tech & everything related to innovation.

We have lots of exciting news for you in this month’s episode of Radar - by nexxworks. We talked about SheIn overtaking Amazon as most downloaded app, GaryVee’s NFT project, cities paying remote workers up to $20,000 to relocate, climate risk platform Cervest, Amazon acquiring MGM studios for 8,45 billion, Nvidia limiting crypto-mining on its new graphics card, TikTok reportedly testing a job recruitment tool, bias in technology, the Colonial Pipeline hack, Google announcing a health tool to identify skin conditions, China's working population which is declining fast compared to ageing population, and sustainable investing.

At one point, you’ll hear China keynote speaker Pascal Coppens discuss China’s two-child policy. The episode was recorded last week, before the new three-child policy was announced, so it wasn’t a lapse on his side. You can read up on the new policy here.

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