PODCAST - Radar - by nexxworks February 2021 Laurence Van Elegem - March 10, 2021

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We’re very excited to launch a new biz and tech trends podcast series called ‘Radar - by nexxworks’: once a month Radar host Steven Van Belleghem and his nexxworks friends Peter Hinssen, Pascal Coppens, Julie Vens - De Vos, Laurence Van Elegem and Joren Lemiegre will bring you the latest developments in business, technology and everything related to innovation.

In this very first episode of Radar - by nexxworks, we tackle the exciting subjects of mobility and Big Tech, EVs, Tesla buying 1.5 billion dollar in bitcoin, China opening the world's largest radio telescope up to international scientists, Bill Gates’ nuclear announcement, lab grown wood, burn-out, leadership, Apple’s new privacy measures, a Facebook smartwatch, anti-trust and Gamestop.


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Here’s the HBR article about burn-out Julie referred to.

Here’s the article reporting how Facebook is building a new smartwatch.

Read more about lab grown wood here and about China opening up its telescope here.

Here’s Bill Gates new book ‘How to avoid climate disaster’ which Joren referred to:

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Laurence Van Elegem