PODCAST: Radar - by nexxworks April 2021 April 29, 2021

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Once a month Radar podcast host Steven Van Belleghem and his nexxworks friends Peter Hinssen, Pascal Coppens, Julie Vens - De Vos, Laurence Van Elegem and Joren Lemiegre bring you the latest developments in business, tech & everything related to innovation.

The past month we had plenty of exciting news in the world of business and technology. The Radar crew discussed topics like Amazon opening a hair salon in London, Ibrahim Ouassari (CEO of MolenGeek) joining Proximus’ board, phoenix company Walmart investing in Self-Driving EV Company Cruise, Elon Musk’s adventures in China, the EU’s AI regulation plans, Google’s advertising business, employee research by Microsoft, the central digital bank currency in China (which no one seems to be talking about although this is a pretty big deal) and the new trend of psychedelics start-ups (if Peter Thiel invests in it, it’s probably a thing).

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As a fun bonus, here are the long distance haircuts in China Pascal was talking about:

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