Peter Hinssen's fifth business book ‘The Phoenix And The Unicorn’ is out now! March 5, 2020

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Peter Hinssen’s new book ‘The Phoenix And The Unicorn’ offers deep insights into corporate longevity and how companies can reinvent themselves in cycles.

Nexxworks Founder, serial entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker Peter Hinssen launches his 5th business book ‘The Phoenix and the Unicorn’, which is available in English (paperback, ebook and audiobook) and Dutch (paperback and ebook).

In it, he writes about those companies that – just like the mythical phoenix bird – are able to rethink themselves in cycles. The book recounts how those long-standing companies like Walmart, Volvo, Assa Abloy, Ping An, AT&T, McDonalds, Medtronic, Disney or Microsoft always seem to be able to see the next waves of behaviour change and turn it to their advantage. But Peter also writes about how more recent (unicorn) start-ups and scaleups like Amazon, SpaceX and Alibaba are able to redefine themselves to stay relevant; and about what corporates can learn from that.

‘The Phoenix And The Unicorn’ goes far beyond the obligatory ‘sexy’ start-up and scaleup (unicorn) stories and it tackles how longevity works in today’s business world. It tells the story of how companies can ACT on their Day After Tomorrow, and how they can apply innovation as an antidote to a radically changing environment. It doesn’t just zoom in on WHAT companies need to do in order to innovate, but also on HOW they can make innovation a reality in their organization. From the deceivingly simple Hourglass model, to the types of innovation, company culture, organizational disruption, platforms, customer experience, organizational structure and many inspiring innovation cases: for those working in a traditional business or market, Peter’s book will help them reinvent themselves like a Phoenix.

Praise for ‘The Phoenix And The Unicorn

"Paradigm shifts are not easy but there are times, like now, when they are essential. This book is an amazingly clear roadmap to succeed in the advanced Information Age by modernizing big organizations, be they private or public. And it’s a pleasure to read!" - Carlota Perez, Author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages

"Peter Hinssen has a rare gift to both help us imagine the future and the journey to get there. This very engaging book is full of great stories, simple but helpful models and motivating as well as cautionary tales - all told with a deft touch and optimistic bent. Reading the book you will feel in safe hands. When you are done reading then it’s ‘your turn‘ to step up and create your own company’s ‘Day after Tomorrow’." - Dr. Peter Weill, MIT senior research scientist and Chairman MIT CISR - MIT

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