Peter Hinssen & Steven Van Belleghem launch ‘Disruptive Innovation Day’ (DI-Day) Laurence Van Elegem - September 9, 2014

Disruptive Innovation Day

The aim of Peter Hinssen and Steven Van Belleghem’s very first ‘Disruptive Innovation Day’ is to inform and stimulate managers with vision stories by international pioneers, such as Sean Gourley and Simon Mainwaring, about radical innovation and the ‘power of digital’.

“When will a new Uber or Airbnb turn my market segment upside down?” That question is keeping decision-makers awake at night. On the very first Disruptive Innovation Day (18 November, Brussels Event Lounge), business executives and managers will certainly be inspired about the topics of radical innovation and digital transformation. The event promises to be a unique cocktail with some of the most internationally renowned opinion leaders on ‘disruption’ - Sean Gourley, Simon Mainwaring, Eddie Obeng, Steven Van Belleghem and Peter Hinssen – and intensive networking with the ‘beau monde’ of the Benelux business community.

“In our numerous conversations with decision-makers the world over, we note a growing unrest about the ever more widespread digital-driven newcomers which are turning entire sectors and business models upside down“, said Hinssen. “That’s why we set up DI-Day”, Van Belleghem added.” To kindle enthusiasm in the latest trends in the fields of open innovation, agile marketing, cooperation, information sharing, flat organizational structures, flexible cultures,…” “The purpose of DI-Day is to show how companies need to learn to operate as a network if they are to get through this pivotal period”, said Hinssen, whose new organization, nexxworks, was based on the same principle.

“Our aim may seem very ambitious, but there is simply no other option”, said nexxworks’ co-founder Danny Van D’Huynslager. “All those who want to stay relevant to society – and even those who just want to survive – will have to completely re-evaluate their business model, their organization’s culture and even their profit margins. Both DI-Day and nexxworks wish, each in their own way, to offer solutions to that.”

The first-ever ‘Disruptive Diamond Awards’ will also be presented on ‘Disruptive Innovation Day’. Seasoned innovative firms which have managed to totally re-invent themselves or start-ups that have the potential to hold their own with the Airbnb’s of this world, can register here. The renowned jury – Marco Derksen, Robin Wauters, Steven Van Belleghem and Peter Hinssen – will nominate 3 finalists in each of these categories. Attendees at the Disruptive Innovation Day will then, on the day itself, pick two winners who will be announced at the end of the day.

Press contact: Laurence Van Elegem - Marketing & Communications Manager -

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