Nexxworks welcomes Stijn Van Avermaet as Head of Marketing October 13, 2021

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Nexxworks is happy to announce that Stijn Van Avermaet will be joining its ranks as Head of Marketing. Stijn is a passionate marketing leader with 20 years of experience at Van Hoecke, Bosch (Junkers) and Pioneer.

At his former organization, furniture industry partner Van Hoecke - a trusted customer of nexxworks - he was able to grow the marketing team from scratch to 20 members. It’s exactly this entrepreneurial drive and passion for starting things up that lead him to make the transition to nexxworks.

The new Head of Marketing position is just one of 8 vacancies designed to support the further scaling of nexxworks’ programs in scope, in geography and in approach. The other job openings, like a Business & Portfolio Developer for the nexxworks Speaker Collective and a Program Developer for its memberships, can be found here.

“I’m very excited to be joining nexxworks’ power team”, says Stijn. “What attracted me most to this new adventure is the drive for impact and the international ambition of nexxworks, which had already played a big part in forming the innovation DNA at Van Hoecke and in further deepening my passion for CX.” As a Head of Marketing and a big believer in the human side of customer relations, he will help nexxworks further strengthen the experiences for its followers and customers.

“We’re delighted that Stijn has joined our ranks”, adds nexxworks CEO Julie Vens – De Vos. “His expertise, lifelong learning mindset, challenger attitude and entrepreneurial drive make him a perfect fit for investigating ways to further boost our customer experiences. It’s also really great to see how nexxworks customers - like Stijn now and Upgrade Estate Founders Nele Van Damme and Koenraad Belsack before him - have been transitioning from being fans to playing an active role within our organization. There’s a lot of talk of the blurring of industry lines, but I’ve come to see this blurring happening in human relations as well: where the strict ‘borders’ between employees, customers, suppliers and other partners are fading. It’s a beautiful example of Peter Hinssen’s Network Always Wins philosophy.”