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Nexxworks Partner Steven Van Belleghem launches his 4th book: ‘Customers The Day After Tomorrow’ October 4, 2017

Customer Centricity Steven Book Launch Foto

On October 12, Steven Van Belleghem, Partner at nexxworks introduces a brand-new book about the future of customer relations in a world of artificial intelligence, automation and bots. The book describes the investment axes that are necessary to win the heart and business of customers in the next 5 to 10 years.

Join Steven Van Belleghem on one of his 5 book launches in Belgium & The Netherlands.

In ‘Customers The Day After Tomorrow’, Steven describes how we have come at phase 3 of digitization. The first was the phase of the internet and the democratization of information. The second was the mobile phase, characterized by the ubiquity of information. And the third stage – which he calls AI first - will be defined by the humanizing of the information feedback loop: it will be a time when the line between information and communication will blur. When technology – like virtual assistants - will literally start talking to us and where the “sales process” will morph into a casual conversation.

 This third phase of artificial intelligence has completely revolutionised the buying behaviour of customers: collecting information, the buying process and customer service have changed dramatically under the influence of the 'internet of things', virtual assistants, bots and client data. But first of all ‘Customers The Day After Tomorrow’ is a book about customers and the right mindset to keep on optimizing our relationship with them.

Because in a world of automation, the most important question remains: how can I be customer-oriented by merging the most brilliant digital developments together with the most unique human skills? 

The ‛Day After Tomorrow’ series

Steven’s book ‘Customers The Day After Tomorrow’ is the second in a two-part series on the ‛Day After Tomorrow’ theme. The first part - Peter Hinssen’s book The Day After Tomorrow about long-term thinking in business and surviving in times of radical innovation - was published earlier this year: it describes which cultures, business models or technologies can help companies thrive in an exponentially changing world. Peter has also contributed to Steven’s book with a section that showcases how some of the most innovative companies out there organize their innovation.

Steven Van Belleghem’s book will be available for purchase here as of October 12.

About nexxworks Partner Steven Van Belleghem

Steven is an expert in customer focus in a digital world and a Partner at nexxworks. He is the author of four bestselling books. His first book, The Conversation Manager, won the award for most innovative marketing book of 2010. Steven also wrote The Conversation Company and When Digital Becomes Human. The latter received the award of 'Best Marketing Book of 2015'. ‘Customers The Day After Tomorrow’ is his most recent book.