nexxworks launches innovation platform ‛nexxology’ December 11, 2017

Organizing Innovation Photo By Priscilla Du Preez On Unsplash

Besides the existing services of the Innovation Tours, the Bootcamp trainings and the keynotes, nexxworks – the company of Peter Hinssen, Steven Van Belleghem and Rik Vera, among others – is launching the hybrid innovation platform nexxology that helps business leaders spot new opportunities in a fast-evolving market.

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s companies is the scheduling in of innovation, given the pressure of day-to-day work. The interactive, digital content platform nexxology affords a structural solution to that: it continually ‛feeds’ participants with new trends and insights while the quarterly ‘live’ networking events provide innovatory keynotes and peer-to-peer workshops.

Live events

Consultancy firms often recycle the know-how that they acquire at a certain company A virtually one-on-one at companies B, C and D. Nexxworks’ idea is to do away with the ‘middlemen’ in that process and to get the top innovators from companies A, B, C and D physically around a table: during the quarterly, live nexxology community meetings, like-minded individuals can then learn directly from one another in a peer-to-peer model. Concretely, this happens via interactive workshops and high-level vision-keynotes, delivered by peers, industry experts and opinion leaders.  

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Lifelong learning

In addition, nexxology is an online platform that subscribes to the principle of ‘lifelong learning’. Via interactive webinars, visionary clips and reports, participants are continually ‘fed’ with hot business trends and valuable insights into the most disruptive topics: e.g. AI, blockchain, biomimicry, extreme customer centricity, holacracy and platform thinking. The topics are deliberately kept as diverse as possible in order to generate as much inspiration as possible and to gain the widest possible perspective.

“Nexxworks was established on the basis of the ‘The Network Always Wins’ concept. Consequently, this ‘knowledge network’ concept is the perfect complement to our keynotes, Innovation Tours and Innovation Bootcamps, said nexxworks Partner Rik Vera. “After being around for just a few months, nexxology can already boast some big-name customers from very diverse sectors like the telco, furniture and tech industry, proving that there was a real need out there”, he concludes.

“It is, admittedly, a bit scary to think that this new subscription model will, in actual fact, be making our other nexxworks’ services largely redundant” added nexxworks’ founder Peter Hinssen. “But those who want to survive disruption and come out the other side, have to be prepared to cannibalize their companies.”

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