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nexxworks launches hybrid leadership inspiration network Frederik Simoen - June 22, 2017

Nexxology Final

Technologies growing at exponential rates are not just another layer on top of the old, non-digitized world. The likes of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchains, … are reshaping our daily world as we speak. Our lives are changing, our behaviors are changing and, as such, society as a whole is changing. Dramatically.

This is a huge challenge for business leaders. They used to develop linear, mid- to long-term strategies for a world assuming linear growth. Business models were based on a quite steady-growing and stable environment. Businesses focused on improving products and services to achieve operational excellence. However, in an exponential world, competition comes from all angles. Business leaders constantly worry about the next hit they might have to take. Will it be direct or indirect? Will it come from new products, services or business models that scatter their own? They have to question the survival of their companies every single day.

This changing nature of our markets is a huge threat and a huge opportunity at the same time. This is the era in which companies that dare to re-write the rules of the game will create big advantages for themselves. Companies that maximize the digital toolkit and minimize customer frustration will be able to profit from both existing and completely new markets.

Inspiring and igniting innovation

When we started nexxworks in 2015, we had a dream:  to inspire companies to act on their ‛Day After Tomorrow’. Inspire others to move and adapt. Inspire them to grab opportunities. Inspire them to speed up their company and stay in tune with the radical challenges they face, from technology and their customers.

Today, we ignite companies through our bootcamps and workshops, we give keynotes and lectures. We bring companies to the very places that drive the change, in our innovation tours: San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin ... 

The tours make executives realize that they need to build another type of innovation engine. My company, nexxworks, does not believe that there is just one type of motor that fits every company. There is no universal user manual for radical innovation. That’s why we created the ignition bootcamps, where we inspire, coach and train those that will build the very unique engine (viz. the driver of growth) inside their companies. Because training and revitalizing your internal innovation force will beat a 150-page report by external consultants any day of the week.

We believe that innovation is not a project. It is not a single moment of inspiration. It has to become a mindset, a spirit, a virus. That’s why we would like to ask you, a business leader, these two key questions:

  1. How do you ensure that you stay on top of your market?
  2. How do your efforts feed the innovation drive of your organization as a whole?

nexxology: a hybrid inspiration community for business leaders

Your leadership team can spend days and nights on the internet researching and filtering the latest insights about big data or customer centricity, robotics, empowered customers, new management models or new ways of working … But do they have the time for that? And do you really have the time to read all of the reports they order? Where is the helicopter overview? And who can really link it all together?

That’s why nexxworks is launching a brand-new service. As of September 2017, we will feed the members of our nexxology platform with regular insights and inspiration about what they should be aware of in their businesses environment.

Nexxology is an exclusive leadership inspiration network. It is a hybrid ‘place’ – both on- and offline – where your questions, challenges and solutions blend with our focused and edited input about the ‛Day After Tomorrow’-technologies and their vast impact on people, society, organizations and their cultures and business models. We combine online inspiration via interactive video and customized curated reading material with 4 offline events per year, where we bring the leaders of all member companies together.

In our nexxology platform we not only allow industry leaders to stay on top of the latest evolutions in a fast and easy-to-use interface. We bring together a community of leaders with passion for innovation and business successes. We combine the opportunity to share inspiration, interpretation and insights with the serendipity of meeting with peers in an exclusive environment. 


The focus of business leaders has shifted from improving existing business models, outrunning the competition and controlling processes to constantly being alert to any potential threat or opportunity in the market, trusting the flexibility of your organization and facilitating the empowered customer in any way possible.

Are you and your leadership team interested in becoming nexxology members or do you want to learn more about how we can help you to stay ahead of the game? Send an e-mail to


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