Nexxworks introduces April Rinne, Jerry Michalski and Raya Bidshahri to its international speaker collective March 19, 2020

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Nexxworks is very excited to announce that future of work and platform economy advisor April Rinne, futurist, strategist and technologist Jerry Michalski as well as learning and exponential innovation expert Raya Bidshahri are joining its community of inspirational voices.

April, Jerry and Raya will come aboard the nexxworks tribe of inspirational experts and visionaries - consisting of Peter Hinssen, Nancy Rademaker, Pascal Coppens, Rik Vera and Steven Van Belleghem - with a perfectly complementary repertoire.

April Rinne is an acclaimed international keynote speaker and advisor to start-ups, enterprises, governments and investors worldwide. She is an expert on the new economy -- sharing, collaborative, platform, on-demand, freelance and gig economies -- and the future of work. Her keynotes and presentations focus on how we will work, organize, build business, and how public policy will change in the Day After Tomorrow.

Jerry Michalski is a long-time futurist, strategist, technologist and (amateur) social anthropologist. He helps organizations understand trust and become more trustworthy, by exploring their language, their processes and their intentions. As a leading technology-industry trends analyst in the Dot-Com era, Jerry has advised and consulted to organizations small and large, from IBM, Target, Suncorp and the Wharton School to Blogger (now part of Google) and eGroups (which became YahooGroups).

Jerry and April also speak together on a number of technology and innovation driven subjects: from microfinance to tech booms (and busts), from the sharing economy to automation, and from new business models to trust-driven innovation. (Disclosure: they are husband and wife.)

Raya Bidshahri is a serial entrepreneur, author, futurist and educator. As the Founder and CEO of Awecademy, Raya is one of the world’s leading experts in alternative models in education, the future of work and exponential innovation. She has been featured by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential and inspirational woman globally and is a member of the Bett Global Education Council. She has been described as a techno optimist, a communicator of popular science, and an advocate of curiosity, critical thinking, wonder, and awe.

“As the founding principle of nexxworks is ‘The network always wins,’ we’re always looking for visionary and practice-driven thought leaders to complement our community,” explains nexxworks CEO Julie Vens-De Vos. “So, we’re very thrilled to welcome such experienced ‘Day After Tomorrow’ believers and corporate experts like April Rinne, Jerry Michalski and Raya Bidshahri amongst us.”

“Having collaborated with nexxworks on a range of learning tours and finding a wonderful fit in terms of values and perspective, I am thrilled to deepen our relationship and help expand nexxworks’ global reach,” said April Rinne. “This feels like a ‘1+1=11’ situation in terms of the positive impact we can create together.” “The way nexxworks curates a path into our turbulent future, enhanced with meaningful conversations along the way, is extremely appealing,” added Jerry Michalski. “I am excited to be one of the guides on these journeys.” "I’m delighted to join the nexxworks collective, alongside other visionaries and trailblazers”, concludes Raya Bidshahri. “I hope to use this platform to shift mindsets about the future and bring more intelligent optimism, cosmic perspectives, and exponential innovation into the world.”

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