INSPIRING COMPANIES: Why we are excited to visit Medallia Julie Vens - De Vos - August 3, 2017


Beauty sometimes lies in the unexpected. That kind of serendipity is what our nexxworks innovation tours are striving for. From 10 to 15 September we’re heading back east during the Day After Tomorrow Tour and all too often we get that same question: “Can we go to Google? Or Facebook? Or Tesla? Or Uber?”. Twitter used to on that list, but it no longer is today. Even so, I believe their struggle would prove a great story to learn from. Outside-in thinking is relevant for every company after all.

Don’t get me wrong, we do and love to visit the big tech giants of this world, but what we’re really keen on is sharing, getting the back-end story. And let’s face it, unless we become Facebooks next best ad spender, we won’t move high on their ‘let’s have breakfast’ list. Neither will you just because you now have a selfie at their entrance sign.

But for me, where it gets really interesting is when we can show our customers some unknown but riveting jewel of a company. For instance, so far nobody asked me to visit Medallia during a tour. I didn’t even know the company until a few months ago. They are a leading (source) software platform for customer and employee experience. I love how they combine the customer AND the employee together in one sentence. Very few companies do, probably just because they’re usually and unfortunately managed in silo’s by different departments. Medallia was ranked 7th in the Cloud Top 100 and has the most awe-inspiring customer list I’ve seen in a long time. They were the reason that Marc Van Lerberghe gave up his VP role at Google  and chose serendipity here. Just saying…

It might not sound like big disruption or like a name to brag with to your friends, but it will be a company that will inspire others to switch their own company and future to the Day After Tomorrow. Even better: Medallia will offer a tool to help you with your Day After Tomorrow. So my advice is: don’t just look towards the Big usual suspects for inspiration, keep your eyes open for those little gems that have great potential for changing an industry bit by bit.

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Julie Vens - De Vos

Julie is CEO and partner at nexxworks since 2018. As a natural communicator with 5 years of experience in a corporate FMCG environment, she understands how organisations not only...


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