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How zappos is trying to organize like a city November 25, 2016

Network Always Wins Ph

We were absolutely intrigued by a culture piece that Zappos recently posted on its Insights blog platform. For those sharp practical minds who just want the bare essence, here it is (You’re welcome!):

Companies tend to become less productive and innovative over time as they increase in size. But cities increase in productivity and innovation as they increase in size.

So, as an experiment, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh created a cross between a corporation, community and city when relocating Zappos from suburban Henderson to downtown Las Vegas. This downtown campus is directly connected to its surrounding community and functions like a city, where employees have become neighbours. Suffices to say that its strong company culture will play a major role in the success of this experimental corporate-community hybrid.

The writer of this blog goes on to say that the easiest way to be certain that this experiments works is to apply the “unspoken” rules of neighborly love, which he summarizes in five deceivingly simple points.

Now, the beauty of this piece is that it does not try to hide that this corporate-community experiment is really hard. Which is logical when people who work together also live together and basically are breathing down each other’s necks all the time. Above all, Zappos is a transparent and brutally honest company, which is deeply engrained into its culture and from which we stand a lot to learn.

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Read the full article here.