How to become hyper scalable: free chapter from start-up wiz Omar Mohou Laurence Van Elegem - July 1, 2016

Hyperscalable  Us Army

Hyper scalable companies are likely to dominate every market in a world that is eaten by software. That’s because software is not an industry anymore. It will impact every last one of us. Every company will become a software company in the same way that every company in the 20th century was a pen-and paper company.

This why Omar Mohout believes that “What should my digital strategy be?” is not the right question. According to him, the real question organisations must ask themselves is “how can I become hyper scalable?”. The answer will inevitably lead to disruption, innovation, and a digital strategy.

Omar’s eye-opening chapter in Rohit Talwar’s book 'The Future of Business' explains how organisations can become hyper scalable and divulges the business model behind it. Download it below for free!

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picture: US Army on flickr.

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