The pandemic reaction: a Healthusiasm e-book from Christophe Jauquet Christophe Jauquet - July 7, 2020

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Our world has been turned upside down since the outbreak of the corona crisis. We have been living in a different reality since then. The corona peak seems to be over in many countries, but no one knows how or when Covid19 will strike again.

Companies and brands have had to rethink their strategies, because customers have started to behave differently in recent months and have adjusted their expectations towards brands and companies. Their desires have changed, especially now we are paying increasing attention to our highest good and our greatest concern: health & happiness. People were already excited to live as healthily as possible. But this trend, called "Healthusiasm", has now gained even more popularity and importance. If brands and companies want to remain relevant, they will have to take this into account even more, by focusing on these 4 themes:

  1. safeness 
  2. togetherness 
  3. wellness 
  4. realness

Learn all about these 4 customer needs that should be on every company's to-do list (but probably aren't) in Christophe Jauquet's fascinating e-book, which you can download below. 


The pandemic reaction: a Healthusiasm e-book from Christophe Jauquet

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Christophe Jauquet

Christophe Jauquet is a health marketing expert who inspires consumer businesses and healthcare organisations around the world. With his experience at the intersection of...

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