E-book: The Catalyst Innovator’s Guide To Thriving In An Uncertain World Catalyst Constellations - July 18, 2021

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Success stories from innovators who turned the challenges of 2020 into inspiring opportunities.

As the global pandemic spread around the world at an alarming rate at the beginning of 2020, businesses were forced to grapple with a massively volatile and uncertain new reality. Employers had to pivot in an instant to find new ways to keep their workforce engaged and productive, while the employees themselves were dealing with a type of collective trauma the world hadn’t experienced in generations. Companies also had to reimagine how they engaged with customers…if their customers remained at all.

This e-book by Shannon Lucas and Tracey Lovejoy of Catalyst Constellations is a collection of stories from different countries and industries that demonstrate how companies were able to adapt to survive, even thrive in such complex and harsh conditions. 

The red thread running through all of these innovation cases is that organizations that thrived leveraged one or more of the following 3 approaches: 

  • Future-proof: Investing ahead of time to lay the foundation for a VUCA ready culture which allowed rapid response to and the ability to thrive through the pandemic.
  • Adaptative: Rapidly embracing cultural change as the pandemic unfolded which allowed the organizations to adapt.
  • Responsive: Supporting their Catalyst innovators, when they told them it was time to trigger one of their bold new business ideas which helped shift parts of the business.

Above all, this collection shows you how you can ready your organization for the next disruption on the horizon.

Get your shot of inspiration and download it below. 👇👇👇

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