Download Peter Hinssens's bookBusiness/IT fusion for free March 11, 2016

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Business/IT Fusion was the first book I wrote. I created it at a time when the world of IT was changing like it never had before - it still is - and I felt that most IT professionals really did not know what to expect of the future.

There was tons of literature on IT and IT management available then, but most of it really only dealt with ‘IT as we knew it’ and I found very little literature on the ‘new IT’. I wrote Business IT/Fusion for IT professionals, to assist them in dreaming up the next wave of information technology and information technology departments. I wanted to help them think about what was next for their organization, for their department, and for themselves. That is why I talked about the capabilities, mindsets and strategies that I thought would help shape the next generation of information technology. 

This book is still special to me, because it was the inspiration for The New Normal, which held the seeds of The Network Always Wins which is of course influencing the new book I'm currently working on. So I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it at the time.

You can download it in PDF by clicking below.

And - as an extra goodie - here is a fun visual summary of Business/IT Fusion we created at the time. Or check the clip where I explain how Business/IT Fusion is still relevant today here.


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