China’s Ever Normal – Pascal Coppens’ e-book about the 8 ways Chinese organizations keep reinventing themselves Pascal Coppens - May 5, 2020

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In this e-book, China keynote speaker and author Pascal Coppens shows us that we can learn a lot from how the Chinese entrepreneurs, brands and governments are able to continuously reinvent themselves, if we want to understand how to deal with a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

In his inspiring e-book, Pascal Coppens offers in-depth insights and many practical examples about these 8 different ways that the Chinese are keeping themselves relevant and successful in an accelerating world: 

  1. They need to be loyal to their customers
  2. They innovate in smaller and more manageable steps
  3. They bring their market into their company
  4. They use technology as a weapon, not as a transformation process
  5. They invest in their ecosystem
  6. They make business personal
  7. They think in an unlimted way
  8. They innovate by doing

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Steelwool Fire Infinite Firespin Preview

China's ever normal - An e-book by Pascal Coppens

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Pascal Coppens

China’s upcoming leadership in global innovation is moving forward with astonishing speed. While the world is seeking to adapt to a New Normal,  China’s New Normal has been a...

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