Business & IT Fusion Laurence Van Elegem - June 1, 2014

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It is time for a major transformation of IT. It is time for a quantum leap. For years, the way we have run IT, as a CIO, was to command an army of ordertaking specialist workers, an underground army hidden away in the basement of our companies. These reactive armies of craftsmen are a thing of the past. In a Fusion concept, we need a new breed of professionals, with a new blend of capabilities. The challenge becomes how to crack the culture code in IT transformation?

Fusion will allow companies to focus on technology-enabled innovation, instead of just on the commodity-saving potential of technology. Fusion will allow a new type of organization to be created, out of the ashes of the old IT department that will evolve from an ‘executional technology function’ towards a ‘proactive strategic innovation function’. Fusion will allow companies to focus on maximizing value from technology innovation. This ‘new’ way of thinking about IT, is what we refer to as IT 2.0.

We believe that we should not just be concerned with ‘aligning business and IT’, but that we should be busy integrating IT into the business. We believe the time has come for business and IT to fuse.

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Laurence Van Elegem

Laurence has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, communications and disruptive innovation. Passionately curious, she is fascinated by the impact of technology and...

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