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Nexxworks INSPIRES organizations to ACT on their Day After Tomorrow. We help corporates thrive by INSPIRING them with extreme examples of exponential change, immersing them in front-seat EXPERIENCES with top innovators around the world and ACTIVATING their own internal RADICAL innovation team. We focus on YOUR people, because only THEY can drive your innovation and infect the rest of your team.

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We inspire YOUR people. Only THEY can drive your innovation and infect the rest of your team:

We inspire them with perspective-shifting keynotes, books and blogs
We help them experience how innovation pioneers succeed in our bootcamps and tours
We trigger your innovation team in stimulating workshops and online education programs

We organize open bootcamps and tours as well as custom programs that we tailor to the specific needs of your company.

Our champions

  • Cathy Boesmans
  • Pascal Coppens
    info / keynotes
  • Ilse De Bondt
  • Matthias De Clercq
  • Stephanie De Kesel
  • Delphine Desmedt
  • Griet Hemeryck
  • Peter Hinssen
    info / keynotes
  • Joren Lemiegre
  • Eline Lostrie
  • Lieselotte Meel
  • Nancy Rademaker
    info / keynotes
  • Steven Van Belleghem
    info / keynotes
  • Laurence Van Elegem
  • France Van Nieuwenborgh
  • Ineke Vandemeerssche
  • Axelle Vanquaillie
  • Julie Vens - De Vos
  • Rik Vera
    info / keynotes
  • Nina Vermaesen

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