Shannon Lucas

Shannon Lucas, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Catalyst Constellations, has over twenty years’ experience working with startups, launching her own ventures, and driving innovation into the world’s largest companies. Shannon is the best-selling author of Move Fast, Break Shit, Burn Out; The Catalyst’s Guide to Working Well. She is a passionate thought leader about creating sustainable organizations in every sense of the word - for people, planet and profit. 

Shannon launched Catalyst Constellations to provide essential support for a unique group of people driving the most profound change in the world - Catalysts. Shannon and her partner create tools, resources, and research, along with physical and virtual spaces to connect and support a highly curated global community of Catalysts. Their mission is to help Catalysts amplify and accelerate positive impact around the world.

In her previous roles, as EVP of Emerging Business at Ericsson, Senior Innovation Architect at Cisco’s Hyperinnovation Living Lab and Director of Innovation at Vodafone Global Enterprise, Shannon empowered Fortune 500 businesses to stay agile, competitive and sustainable through the adoption of new technologies and organizational structures. 

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Ignite Your Catalysts

Activating Agility with Your Future Ready Employees

Historically, as organizations have tried to cultivate agility, they focused on increasing agility across the entire organization or in specific leaders.

This keynote is about the power of identifying individuals who are naturally agile, those essentially born VUCA ready.

The global pandemic has shown us the incredible speed at which organizations need to be able to pivot. And despite VUCA being talked about for 40 years, organizations struggled this year to successfully adapt. The smartest way to create an adaptative organization is by starting with highly agile employees who have a positive relationship to change and then connecting them to executive direction.

In this keynote you will develop an understanding about a new category of employees, called Catalysts, who were essentially born VUCA ready. You’ll learn how to identify and empower them to facilitate fast and positive change across your organization. 

You’ll get insights from the foundational research about Catalysts as well as case studies demonstrating the positive outcomes of empowered Catalysts. 

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