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Jessica Groopman specializes in digital transformation, and the intersection of business, governance, and societal implications of emerging technologies including AI, IoT, blockchain, spatial computing, and digital identity. 

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Jessica works with innovative companies internationally, supporting strategic advisory and research across several industry verticals and technologies. She has also mentored and advised several start-ups on strategy, ethics, and business models.

Groopman is a regular speaker, moderator, and panelist at emerging tech industry events. She is also a frequent contributor to numerous 3rd party blogs and news/media outlets. 

Jessica has been principal analyst with Tractica where she contributed to their automation and robotics practice. She has also served as a contributing member of the International IoT Council, the IEEE’s Internet of Things Group, IoT Guru Network, and FC Business Intelligence’s IoT Nexus Advisory Board. Jessica was also included in Onalytica’s list of the 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders in IoT.

Jessica has also served as research director and principal analyst with Harbor Research where she headed research and content strategy and helped lead Harbor’s Smart Systems Lab program. Prior Jessica was an industry analyst with Altimeter Group where she covered Internet of Things and contributed to research around other disruptive technological trends such as real- time marketing, social media, and mobile commerce. Earlier, Jessica led research at Focus Research and was a research analyst at Tippit Research.

 Before she worked in business and technology research, Jessica’s research experience was based mostly in academic anthropological fieldwork, specifically in ethnographic, linguistic, and archaeological research both in the United States and abroad.


Beyond Sustainability

How Digital is Helping Organizations Build Regenerative Business Models  

So-called sustainability efforts aren't just inadequate, they are impossible. As the world faces constant change, nature provides the template for resilience: regeneration. Regenerative business models wield the power of business and markets in service to people and planet, aligning profit models that give back and contribute value to their ecosystems rather than constantly extracting from it. Emerging technologies play a critical role in accelerating and scaling these models, far beyond "net zero". In this speech, industry analyst and emerging tech expert Jessica Groopman shares new research on real-world examples shaping the future of business, innovation, and the radical transformation reshaping every industry.

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Inclusion at Scale

 The Untapped Opportunity of Business Ecosystems

Leading digital companies are known for relying on ecosystems to innovate. What these vast ecosystems are less known for is their implications around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Far beyond hiring, this talk shares eye-opening new research from Kaleido Insights on inclusive innovation, leading programs, best practices, and trends. Regardless of industry, attendees are sure to walk away with new thinking and concrete actions to drive inclusion within and beyond the organization. 

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Brave New Societies

Redefining the Social Contract for the Networked Age

Digital and societal disruptions of the last decade, accentuated by the events of 2020, are forcing organizations to reckon with the fact that normal wasn’t working. The confluence of crises– pandemic, climate, economic, racial, technological, and trust– is forcing organizations to recalibrate their operating models while confronting rising tensions.

In recent years, questions of digital investment and transformation have been increasingly saddled with questions of power vs. stewardship, speed vs. ethics, and profits vs. environmental and societal impact. Emerging technologies are only accelerating these questions. 

Today’s tensions will be the differentiation for tomorrow’s leaders. This is not merely an exercise in “purpose-building,” as has been en vogue in recent years. This requires a fundamental rethinking of their “social contract”, the relationship and responsibilities organizations have with all stakeholders (customers, employees, their communities) and not just shareholders.

Based on extensive research, Jessica Groopman inspires organizations to avoid tech ‘dystopia,’ and…

  • Re-think tensions as opportunities for innovation

  • See real-world applications for new models of trust and value creation

  • Envision 3 emerging business models for multi-stakeholder benefit

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Non-Obvious Tech Trends

How they are Reshaping Your Industry & Innovation Strategy

The pace of change driven by technological advancement isn’t just accelerating, it’s widening. As myriad technologies continue transforming modern society, business, and culture, several hidden trends are influencing the future of your customers, organization, and industry.

Jessica Groopman shares findings from her firm’s (Kaleido Insights) original research, surfacing key implications and case studies while offering clear direction on how to apply insights to help organizations harness three critical macro trends:

  • Super Humans: Born in the age of social media and accelerated through mobile and AI, consumers' ever-expanding toolkit of capabilities means they wield more power than ever before

  • Fluid Organizations: Early efforts in digital transformation reveal why shifting competitive forces require agility and fluidity across systems, internal culture, and within innovation programs themselves

  • Enlightened Ecosystems: When digital converges with the physical world––as distributed systems become more integrated, and machines and supply chains interconnected, we build an intelligence more powerful than any single human or business

Kaleido Insights’ research also works with clients to surface less obvious trends to the surface. Examples from past clients include… 

  • The 20 use cases for Mushrooms re-shaping every industry 

  • Mutualism, and the rise of crowd-based economics 

  • Emotive bots and anthropomorphic tech  

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Digital Transformation

The Quest for Business Vitality in the Era of Constant Change

As businesses grapple with highly dynamic economic, competitive, and health forces in a post-pandemic world, digital transformation has shifted. Based on research of more than 200 organizations, Kaleido Insights has developed a 50-factor model for benchmarking digital transformation over seven core business areas. While companies often see digital transformation as inherently technological, it is more often a human endeavor requiring cultural embrace of change. 

Based on Kaleido’s ongoing "DT" research, Jessica Groopman helps organizations understand the myths, hypes and challenges of digital transformation. But also: to learn the top seven business areas for digital transformation readiness and deployment as well as unlearn that this transformation is a destination, and see how real companies are succeeding in their digital transformation journeys. 

This topic can cover a lot of ground, depending on your business need. Together with Jessica, past clients have explored: 

  • Digital strategy vs. Business strategy vs. Data strategy 
  • Data and AI 
  • Innovation Program Success Factors 
  • Digital Ethics and Designing for Accountability 
  • People, Teams and Culture 
  • Digital Readiness: Where and How to Begin? 
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The Collision of Biotech & Infotech

Why Your Organization Can’t Afford to Ignore It

Big data, technology, and the natural world are converging. Traditional healthcare, natural and material science, and consumer electronics are colliding, sparking a profound shift in how technology will augment the human body, mind, relationships, and environment. 

As big biometric data come online, tech giants and organizations are unlocking incredible new value propositions, but also confronting serious implications. Based on original research, this speech explores market data, technologies, opportunities, and challenges underlying the future of personalization and much more. 

This topic can cover a lot of ground, depending on your business need. Together with Jessica, past clients have explored:

  • Implications for the future of manufacturing, retail, automotive, distribution, agriculture

  • Implications for data privacy and protection

  • Implications for sustainability and climate action 

  • New Business Models

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