Adam Leonard

Originally trained as an international diplomat for the US foreign service, Adam B. Leonard helps leaders, teams, and organizations achieve their full potential. He currently works within The Google School for Leaders, Google’s center of excellence for advanced leadership development. Adam specializes in identifying the world’s most effective, evidence-based practices for personal and professional development and sharing them with leaders for maximum growth and organizational impact. 

Adam has been working for Google on cultural change, experimental attitudes, psychological safety, organisational rituals to facilitate a learning culture, developing multiple learning styles and how this can all be linked to Google’s innovation process. 

Before Google, Adam worked at two leadership consulting companies with a range of clients from entrepreneurial start-ups to YPO mid-market businesses to large Fortune 500 corporations. In addition, Adam used to work at Mattel, one of the biggest toy companies, within their futuristic toy design center.

Adam’s ideas and research have been published in peer reviewed academic journals and books. His book—Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening—co-authored with psychologist and philosopher Ken Wilber, details the best transformative tools and processes and how to integrate them into life. Adam’s work was featured in the book Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work for his work bringing flow states and mindfulness to Silicon Valley in addition to the book Conscious LeadershipElevating Humanity Through Business for his work on psychological safety and vertical leadership development. 

Adam regularly delivers keynote speeches, presents at professional conferences, leads workshops, and consults with clients around the world. 

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Navigating Complexity for Leaders

This keynote and/or workshop gives leaders the essential mindsets and practical toolkits to thrive in complex situations.

Most leaders remain unprepared for the complex demands of their roles. Only those willing to adapt to increasingly VUCA conditions will sustain their success into the future. The session offers the very best complexity frameworks, learning experiences, tools, and practices that leaders can begin applying immediately to their most complex work challenges. Participants will learn how to apply complexity science and systems thinking to expand their perspective-taking abilities in order to make more intelligent decisions. The workshop has been tested and refined by over 1,500 senior leaders over the past 5 years.

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Cultivating Psychological Safety

In this keynote and/or workshop participants discover the secrets of team effectiveness.

Evidence-based research identified 5 essential factors within the most successful teams. Psychological safety turned up as the key differentiating factor separating the most effective teams from the rest. The session reveals how to strengthen your team by applying this research in practical ways that will generate immediate impact and long term results. Participants will enhance their leadership abilities through learning how to build consistent teams that are healthy, happy, creative, and productive.

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Creating a Wellness Culture of Sustainable High Performance

In this keynote and/or workshop, Adam shares useful lessons on Resilience, Mindfulness & Flow. 

Participants will learn the latest research on the peak performance state called “flow”. They will experience the very best of positive psychology applied to leadership development that includes identifying a leader’s negative “internal voices” that sabotage success.

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Breakthrough Innovation

This keynote and/or workshop will empower participants to unleash their creativity through a user-centered, prototype-driven, design process.

Workshop participants will experience a comprehensive introduction to Adam's design thinking framework and apply it to a specific organizational problem that they identify prior to the workshop. They will learn the full innovation process: establishing empathy with users, defining user personas, brainstorming, prototyping and testing. Highly interactive, the session will have participants learn by doing through hands-on application. 

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Next Level Leadership

This keynote and/or workshop shows leaders how to master their Inner Game. 

Ideal participants are members of the current C-level leadership team and/or talented leaders identified at the top level of the organizational succession plan. The content covers the “inner game” of leadership. Participants will increase their self-awareness through seeing the internal psychological dynamics driving their behaviors and actions and realizing “what got them here, won’t get them there.” To use a technology metaphor, this session does not just install new skill-based leadership apps, but rather upgrades a leader’s underlying operating system (OS).

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