Innovation programs

We organize both open and tailor-made innovation programs.

Our open programs bring passionate innovators with different backgrounds from different companies together so they can learn, grow and become inspired as a powerful peer-to-peer network.

Our custom programs are tailored to the needs of your organization. We help you trigger the minds of your employees, partners or customers and activate the hidden innovation DNA inside your organization.

nexxology Innovation Council

Empowering leaders to shape their own Day After Tomorrow!

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    Kickstart Innovation Bootcamp 2020


    Are you passionate about your work and your organization?

    Are you eager to make sure it’s futureproof?

    Are you bold enough to make time for it?

    Then you’re the entrepreneur or intrapreneur we’re looking for! This Kickstart Innovation Bootcamp is specifically created for the positive troublemakers who want to make a dent in the universe. 

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    Work in Progress Tour

    San Francisco

    Our customers, our services, our products, our organizations and our workforce are continuously “in progress”.

    But how do you organize for that?

    What are the types of culture, structure, people and leaders that provide success in such a volatile environment?

    Experience first-hand with a group of C-level peers how the most successful startups, corporates and innovation experts are setting themselves up for an ultra-fluid market at our Work in Progress Tour!

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    Moving the world tour China - Tackling the challenges of urbanization

    China: Shenzhen - Shanghai

    By 2050, two thirds of the world's population will be living in cities. Megacities like Tokyo (38 million), Shanghai (34 million) and New Delhi (27 million) are gradually becoming the new normal. More people moving to cities is stretching the boundaries of urbanization. When is enough really enough? How can cities cope with the challenges this global change will bring? Discover it all during this innovation program about mobility, smart cities and raising standards of living.

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    Health & Food 4.0 Tour

    Silicon Valley

    The food & health(care) industry is one of the fastest moving and most disruptive. With inspiring examples like food producers that have an impact on logistics or tech companies that are entering healthcare (insurance), our Health & Food 4.0 Tour will show you how this sector is no longer content to "stay in its lane". And how it could very well be coming for your industry. 

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    Youth Future Tour - Silicon Valley

    San Francisco

    What will the future look like?

    How will we live? 

    How will we work? 

    And what can I do Today to keep me relevant in The Day After Tomorrow?

    Every last one of us has asked himself these questions. But they are even more relevant for the young women and men who will define that future. That's why we want to take them and their parents on a trip to the Future, so that we can all start building it together.

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    NRC Disruption Bootcamp

    Industry trends are always changing and evolving. How can businesses keep up with the constant innovation and disruptions in the market? Nexxworks worked together with NRC (one of the biggest newspapers in the Netherlands) to create a bootcamp dedicated to exploring disruption and how it can create opportunities for your business. 

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    Future of Mobility Bootcamp

    The future of industrial combustion engines is changing due to external environmental pressures. What does this mean for the automotive and industrial industries? What will be the overall impact of these technological advancements?

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    Connected Future Tour - Silicon Valley

    San Francisco

    We fitted this intense 3-day tour into the travel scheme of one of our good clients, a telecom provider. They flew in from Las Vegas, ready to be amazed by the power of the valley. We tailored together a diverse program of speakers and workshops, ranging from exceptional content providers to top game consultants to spark their Day after Tomorrow thinking. Rough disruptive waters may lie ahead, and the lines between markets are fading, but the right innovative and holistic mindset will sail you to tomorrow.

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    Corporate Innovation Tour - Silicon Valley

    San Francisco

    We took the winners of a 'most innovative company' contest, organised by an internationally renowned bank, to San Francisco to give them some of their own medicine. During an intensive 4-day tour we brought them in touch with some of the top-of-the-league innovators in Silicon Valley at the moment. "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower" Steve Jobs once said. We hope we were able to inspire these inspiring companies to keep pushing the innovation boundaries and to become and stay leaders in their respective industries. 

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    Future of Healthcare Tour

    San Francisco

    We loved organizing this healthcare innovation tour for one of the biggest international pharmaceutical companies in the world. As requested by them, we amazed, inspired and sparked their C-level staff with some of the most disruptive healthcare companies out there. We helped them return with a fresh perspective and renewed energy so that they could enchant their own customers.

    Broccoli Brain

    Innovation Bootcamp "The Nature of Innovation"

    Château St. Gerlach

    A two-day executive program of natural innovation, sharing & networking!

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    Future of Health & Nutrition Tour

    San Francisco

    We organized this eye-opening innovation tour for a multinational active in health and nutrition. We inspired their top management with some of the most disruptive companies in their field and beyond: the goal was to turn their perspective upside down and and allow them to return with fresh ideas for their own customers.

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    Future of Finance Tour

    San Francisco

    We had a blast organizing this finance innovation tour for a well-respected and successful leading private equity firm in The Netherlands. The goal of this eye-opening trip was to inspire and spark their top staff, customers and partners with some of the most disruptive and radical companies out there, that were due to have an immense impact on their sector and company in the coming years.