Tailor-made programs

Every organization is unique.
That is why we love to customize our programs to your specific needs.

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What's in it for you? 
A nexxworks program will trigger minds & activate the innovation DNA inside your organization. 

What does a program look like?
We design programs based upon your (latent) needs, budget & situation. This can be online, offline, in New York, Shanghai or in your own offices or anywhere in the world.

Curious for more?
Reach out as we'd love to tell you how we can help to kickstart your innovation.

Tailor-made bootcamps

We organize divergent thinking programs adapted to the specific demands of your company. We design the best lineup to boost your organization’s radical innovation. We show your team the tools and the insights they need to innovate and experiment. 

Innovation Tours

We organize Innovation Tours tailored to the specific innovation demands of your company. Depending on your needs, they will introduce you to radical pioneers - like Google, SpaceX, Tencent or Alibaba – or agile start-ups in vibrant innovation hubs so that you can experience innovation from the front-row. We’ll connect you with disruptors and fluid organizations, in the West and in the East, where innovation lives: from San Francisco to Shanghai.

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    Connected Future Tour - Silicon Valley

    San Francisco

    We fitted this intense 3-day tour into the travel scheme of one of our good clients, a telecom provider. They flew in from Las Vegas, ready to be amazed by the power of the valley. We tailored together a diverse program of speakers and workshops, ranging from exceptional content providers to top game consultants to spark their Day after Tomorrow thinking. Rough disruptive waters may lie ahead, and the lines between markets are fading, but the right innovative and holistic mindset will sail you to tomorrow.

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    Corporate Innovation Tour - Silicon Valley

    San Francisco

    We took the winners of a 'most innovative company' contest, organised by an internationally renowned bank, to San Francisco to give them some of their own medicine. During an intensive 4-day tour we brought them in touch with some of the top-of-the-league innovators in Silicon Valley at the moment. "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower" Steve Jobs once said. We hope we were able to inspire these inspiring companies to keep pushing the innovation boundaries and to become and stay leaders in their respective industries. 

    Photo By William Bout On Unsplash

    Future of Healthcare Tour

    San Francisco

    We loved organizing this healthcare innovation tour for one of the biggest international pharmaceutical companies in the world. As requested by them, we amazed, inspired and sparked their C-level staff with some of the most disruptive healthcare companies out there. We helped them return with a fresh perspective and renewed energy so that they could enchant their own customers.

Innovation workshops

Innovation gets suffocated by tunnel vision. Kickstart your innovation with an intense workshop to look at your business through a different lens. Our experts can help you with a fresh perspective on your innovation strategy and business model change. We will challenge or complement your internal perspective with an external one. Because innovation is a network, not a silo. 

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