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In her keynote "Extreme Customer Centricity In A Networked World", Nancy Rademaker helps organizations grasp how ‘The New Normal’ – in which `digital’ has become the new normal – has transformed our work environment into a dense network. 

Extreme Customer Centricity In A Networked World - KEYNOTE NANCY RADEMAKER

She explains how this has changed customer behaviour and the speed of the market and how companies, themselves, need to become a network if they want to survive. But, above all, she shows how companies have to put the customer first if they want to thrive in their Day After Tomorrow. Not just as a nice slogan, but as a rational program of drastic change, in which processes and procedures have to be rethought from scratch: a program in which `digital’ plays a key role in order to give customers what they want in a warm and human manner. Because today, the customer is more King than ever, and those who ignore this human side of business, are heading towards certain death. Nancy’s keynote, however, will show you the positive side of disruption: how our accelerating markets and changing customers are as full of rich possibilities as they are of threats. 

About Nancy Rademaker

With over 20 years of experience in IT and training, Nancy has always and above all passionately focused upon people: how technology influences their behaviour, how it helps them share knowledge and how it enables them to create and innovate. She is a highly rated and motivating international business speaker. She has energized many roundtables, boardroom sessions and corporate events with bold presentations on the topics of extreme customer centricity, disruption, business model change and marketing. She loves inspiring others about how they can organize their companies for The Day After Tomorrow and push their business models to the next level.

Happy Customers about Nancy's keynote

Nancy Rademaker gave an enthralling presentation on how technology is driving new and different customer behaviors. With captivating graphics and a great sense of humour, she inspired the audience to redefine how we think and interact with customers in this brave new world. If you’re looking to inject your organization with a start-up mentality, get Nancy and the exciting Nexxworks team involved!” - Jean-Jacques Vossen, CEO @ Mavim

“We approached nexxworks to speak at our annual MBA alumni New Year’s Event. In view of major developments in business and society that increasingly call for innovative solutions and agility, we wanted to provide them with new insights. Nexxworks Partner Nancy Rademaker’s presentation was so impactful! She provided insights into today’s changing world, and triggered all of us to consider how we can thrive in the fast pace of disruption. Nexxworks is leading in this field, and clearly able to support companies in taking future next steps." - Gretchen van der Spek, Director Alumni Relations, Head of Career Development @ TIAS School for Business and Society