We help global corporations innovate for their Day After Tomorrow. We take YOUR people and inject them with the DNA of our network.

It takes a network. It takes nexxworks.


What we do

Think, move & innovate
like a start-up

We help you regain the fluidity and radical innovation you lost as you grew.
By embedding you into our network. By offering your team the tools, insights and knowledge they need to change your company.

You have all you need to innovate. We’re here to find, activate and accelerate it.

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We help you INNOVATE for the day after tomorrow

  • Extreme customer centricity

    We pull the customer back in to the heart of your company.

    Extreme customer centricity is a strategy, not a slogan.

  • Digital delight

    We show you how digital helps you become more human.

    It’s about conversations, not tools.

  • Network speed

    We help you regain the innovation fluidity you lost as you grew.

    By connecting. By experimenting. By sharing.

We empower

We are not consultants. We strive for synergy.
We find YOUR pioneers INSIDE your company.
We open their eyes and minds. We connect them. We train them. We coach them.
We help THEM innovate.

We want to make ourselves obsolete, as fast as we can.

Who we are

Names & Faces

  • Peter Hinssen

    Peter Hinssen

  • Rik Vera

    Rik Vera

    Partner & CEO
  • Annick Vandezande

    Annick Vandezande

    Partner & COO
  • Steven Van Belleghem

    Steven Van Belleghem

  • Nancy Rademaker

    Nancy Rademaker

  • Laurence Van Elegem

    Laurence Van Elegem

    Marketing & Communications
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