Yeshua Adonai

As coach, educator, & entrepreneur Yeshua empowers leaders evolve their life & business.

He uses his eclectic experience developing thriving organizations to enable others do the same. Projects he has built positively touch Millions globally within business, non-profit, and government in the arts, media, education, health, environment, food, water, mobility, energy, governance, and peace. He has an interdisciplinary background; as a U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant, U.S. Department of State diplomat, touring musician, urban monk, movement builder, community organizer, conference host, technologist, and founder of social ventures and non-profits. Yeshua is pioneering a new field at the leading edge of social innovation integrating biomimicry, regenerative development, and mindfulness.

Student of life learning from nature to create a more harmonious, sustainable, interconnected, collaborative, resilient, and regenerative world. Inject nature’s genius in process and system within society to bring about dynamic meaningful impact aboard Spaceship Earth.

Yeshua recently moved to San Francisco to make home after the last 15 years exploring the world. He is a vegetarian, meditation teacher, active autodidactic, care for health, and enjoy spending time outdoors.

Few key significant events that enriched life; near death experiences, Iraq war, extended meditation sabbaticals, marriage/divorce & raised a teenager, backpacked California wilderness PCT, and international living. Constantly seek to live a more enriching sustainable/regenerative lifestyle and practice a life of compassion. Let's connect and create a thriving world for all life.

Core competencies: strategist, social architect, regenerative systems designer, transformational executive coach, humanistic perspective, wholistic sustainable lifestyle, energy healer, mindfulness student/teacher, & workshop facilitator. Certified Regenerative Practitioner by Regenesis Group. Ms Biomimicry (ASU, 2017).