Stefan Malfliet

Stefan is the author of the book: “Victoria – Treat Your Company Like A Lady”. In which he develops a framework based on the 6 basic needs of a company to help executives and entrepreneurs realize their strategic and operational objectives. By treating your company as a “living and evolving being”, he uses many practical examples how carefully managing the balance between those needs is necessary to turn any initiative into a success. Stefan has more than 25 years of experience at C-level, as an entrepreneur and as a mentor/coach resulting in many successes and learnings (no not failures). He is able to use this experience to truly engage with his audience so that they are able to see how to get the results they desire. In addition, he illustrates that big goals are reached by using small steps and embedding new habits within your organization. His book is an exciting page turner that will forever change the way you introduce any new initiative within your company. Even if you just take a short moment to reflect on her needs before you take action.