Nicolas Verhelst

From the startup of Niceberg Studiosin 2011, Nicolas Verhelst deployed the technical infrastructure of the Studio and manages the operations of the company.  Niceberg produces and distributes immersive experience movies for the entertainment industry.  As from 2015 Nicolas became Chief Executive of Niceberg guiding this creative team into new innovative markets tapping into the potential of Virtual Reality.  His vision: “Stay on top of the know how”.


Nicolas started as an independent Operational Project Manager in the TV broadcast and event industries. He is known as an unstoppable result driven force, capable to guide teams of engineers and technicians in extreme conditions and far away countries, securing broadcasting & movie production contracts covering the complete cycle from concept proposal to their realization.


A short list of recent achievements before Niceberg:



As Director of Operations for the Brussels part of the French group GL Event, Nicolas managed a working structure for international meetings like ASEM8 (Asia-Europe Meeting), with 3.000 guests of international press, world leaders and prime Ministers of 45 different countries.



As an Operational Project Manager for Alfacam, Nicolas guided a production crew to deliver live broadcast coverage of the World Touring Car Championship for Eurosport International in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Europe and Japan, with 41 million people tuning-in during the 12 events.



Also for Alfacam, Nicolas operated as the Project Manager for worldwide broadcasting from the National Indoor Stadium during the Olympic Summer Games in Beijing.  He was responsible for deployment and configuration of Outside Broadcast-vans.  He coordinated the Alfacam team in conjunction with production crews designated by the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Organization.