Matthias De Clercq

In July 2018, Matthias De Clercq started as Chief Commercial Officer at nexxworks. 

Matthias has been working at Coolblue for the past 7 years, of which the last two years as head of Coolblue Belgium. During that period, the e-commerce company experienced a steep growth. Among other things, Matthias has helped launch "CoolblueBezorgt" in Belgium, Coolblue moved into a new head office and the first steps were taken in Francophone Belgium. When Matthias started as manager of the Belgian division, Coolblue had 100 employees in the country. Now, this number is well over 350. With this experience, Matthias takes up the challenge to support the ambitious growth plans of nexxworks.

During his 7 years at Coolblue, he learned the importance of customer focus and how technology contributes to this.