Jozefien De Baere

Jozefien De Baere started her career at UNILIN Division flooring about 7 years ago. UNILIN is a world player in the flooring industry and is best known for its flooring brand Quick-Step. 

In December 2018, Jozefien was working in Melbourne as a Marketing Manager for UNILIN. Successful upcoming Australian business models started to intrigue her. One by one they were disrupting traditional companies and production industries. All these businesses had two things in common: simplicity & convenience.

Based on this insight, she participated and won the second edition of ARENA, an internal accelerator program at UNILIN. After convincing the General Management, she started her own company "Floorsome" in strong collaboration with UNILIN. Floorsome's mission? Combining cool flooring products, convenience and incredible customer service, to change the way people buy floors in the digital age.

Jozefien holds a Master’s degree in Languages at Ghent University and a post-Master’s degree in General Management at Vlerick Business School. In the last 12 years she has lived in New Zealand, Spain, Italy and Australia. Currently, she is the Business Manager of her own company within UNILIN.

Jozefien informs her audience in a clever, enthusiastic and inspiring way. She will explain how combining cool products, convenience and incredible customer service, can change the way people buy goods in the digital age. Next to that, she will share her experience with starting up a corporate venture besides the traditional corporate structure of your employer.