Jan Van Loon

Jan is a strategic consultant based in Shanghai who has been living in China since 2004, experiencing the changes that are taking place firsthand, putting him in the unique position to bridge the cultural boundaries between East and West.

Jan holds a degree in Clinical Chemistry and Master of Science degree in the Tropical Molecular Biology. His work and dissertations focused on ‘the study of Para-Influenza virus’ at the UZ of Antwerp and ‘Interaction of marine snail venoms with human membrane receptors’ during his Master of Science program at the Free University of Brussels.

Jan brings with him an exceptional combination of international and local sensibilities to the work in China. His distinctive way of deconstructing and understanding behavior from first principles and building it back into a business-friendly framework has been at the forefront of his success with clients. He is applying these very same principles in the way he lives through cultural changes and is closely observing the 2019-nCov outbreak and places this against the response against SARS in 2002-2003, the Sichuan earthquake of 2008 and Fukushima disaster in 2015.