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Keynote speaker, author, academic lecturer and marketing thought-leader, Fons Van Dyck is a renowned expert in the field of corporate survival strategy and a much sought-after speaker in the media and on international stages. He shares the rare combination of academic thoroughness and seasoned professional practice. In his presentations, he tackles the burning question if your company will still be here in five years from now. His main insight: survival not only depends on the Darwinian capacity to adapt to a changing environment, but even more on a unique identity that can serve as your true North Star in disruptive times. Based on empirical evidence from some of the largest companies in the world (more than 40 years history of Apple) and groundbreaking academic research, Fons will show you how your company can master change and survive in a coherent and consistent way.

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Fons Van Dyck holds a PhD in Media and Communication Studies (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and teaches brand strategy and marketing communication. He has been leading Brussels-based Think BBDO for more than 15 years now (and will keep on doing so) and specializes in strategic brand and communication advice for local and international companies and organizations. 

In his latest book "The survival paradox: change vs stability at Apple, and any immortal company", Fons explores how companies can survive in the long term. He uses the AGIL-paradigm of the American sociologist Talcott Parsons (Harvard, 1950s) as a guideline to chart the conditions for survival. In order to survive, a company must adapt to its environment (A = Adaptation), but it must also have a single-minded strategy to achieve its goals (G = Goal attainment), and in a fragmented reality it must also keep things together internally. (I = Integration). Finally, a company must foster and safeguard its identity and culture in the long term (L = Latency pattern maintenance). Only the companies that successfully fulfill these four functions will ultimately survive.

In this book, Fons Van Dyck offers a unique guideline for long-term survival and tests the success and failures of more than 40 years of Apple. From rise and fall to resurrection. From Steve Jobs to Tim Cook.

With very unique and very personal testimonials from Christian Van Thillo (De Persgroep), Michel Moortgat (Duvel Moortgat), Jeroen Van Eeghen (Van Eeghen & Co) and Jef Colruyt (Colruyt), the book is a must-read for every entrepreneur with a long (family) history but also for every start-up company who wants to be more than a one-hit wonder.

Fons' previous work was nominated for Management Book of the Year and awarded with the PIM-award for most innovative marketing book in the Netherlands. His book "Advertising Transformed: the new rules for the digital age" (Kogan Page, 2013) has been translated in both Thai and Turkish language.

Fons Van Dyck was elected master marketer in 2009 by the Belgian Marketing Board . He was chairman of the Advertising Council in Belgium. (2014-2017). He also served on the board of directors of Oxfam Wereldwinkels and the Plan organization in Belgium.


The survival paradox: change vs stability at Apple, and any immortal company

The lifespan of companies worldwide is getting shorter than ever before. Many respected companies will disappear over the next couple of years. Some will survive and thrive. What makes a company immortal in these disruptive times? How can your company survive the day after tomorrow?

An immortal company knows perfectly well how to:

- Adapt itself to a rapidly changing environment
- Attain its targets with a single-minded strategy
- Integrate its teams, stakeholders, partners and customers in a closed system
- Foster and safeguard its unique DNA (identity and culture) consistently in the long run

This unique presentation provides you with rare insights into the fall and decline of once successful companies. But Fons also shows you the way how to live on forever happily as a company. He presents four major levers for long-time success, based on the rise, fall, and resurrection of one most valuable companies in the world: Apple. The story of Apple is complemented with proven recipes for long-time success from different small, and large companies, many of them family-owned (Colruyt, Duvel Moortgat, De Persgroep, Van Eeghen & Co)

In a rapidly changing world recipes for success in the past are no guarantee for future triumphs. Fons invites you for a self-critical reflection on where your business should be going, with many practical do’s and dont’s for every day usage.

This compelling presentation builds further on Fons’ latest book "The survival paradox: change vs stability at Apple, and any immortal company".

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Debunking the biggest marketing myths

In this provocative presentation Fons mercilessly debunks many marketing myths and other popular business clichés about the long-term success of companies. 

Amongst others: 

- The myth of the dinosaurs
- The myth of market share
- The myth of disruptive innovation
- The myth of advertising
- The myth of social media
- The myth of the garage
- The myth of the cult
- The myth of a purpose
- The myth of charismatic leadership
- The myth of open systems

Fons’ story is evidence-based and supported by the latest academic research. More specifically, Fons zooms in on the rise, fall, and resurrection of 40 years of Apple. After all, nothing is what it seems. Fons looks beyond the hype and buzz around this strong brand. What works effectively and what is cosmetics? 

This groundbreaking keynote encourages critical self-reflection and helps managers to make the right decisions every day, in any business. It is a survival kit for entrepreneurs with many practical tips and do’s and dont’s.

Fasten your seat belt. Marketing will never be the same after this presentation. 

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Brave new worlds

We live the end of an era, and a new one is popping up on the horizon. We live disruptive  and chaotic times, the events around us seem overwhelming. What is real, and what is fake? And more importantly where are we heading towards?

In this compelling keynote presentation Fons will guide you through tomorrow’s world(s). Based on profound scientific research he will present you the four main drivers of society, business and consumer behavior, beyond 2025. 

You will learn about four contending forces at play in parallel worlds:  

- The world of exploration and new discoveries 
- The world of connecting people  
- The world of power and powerplay 
- The world of anxiety and ‘heimat’

Fons’ presentation will provide you with a compass for both your personal and professional life. 

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